Bankruptcy Filing – Honesty and Integrity

I’m sure many of you have read or heard about Teresa and Joe Giudice, co-stars of the reality show Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing in New Jersey has hit the media and also the Government and taken front stage.

They are being charged among other items – Bankruptcy Fraud. Continue reading…

Would you Call Abraham Lincoln a Loser? Keep that in mind the next time you are discouraged about your financial situation.

November 19, 2013

Many people express shame and disgust when they contact me about filing for bankruptcy.

They feel like a loser.  They feel beaten down and they feel their live is over.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

A Bankruptcy can be a way for you to get a fresh start and wipe your slate clean and become debt free.

In fact, there are many famous people (Including Abraham Lincoln) who have filed bankruptcy and later rebounded bigger and better than ever. Continue reading…

Singer Dionne Warwick Files for NJ Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

“Do You Know the Way to San Jose” or…….. Newark New Jersey Bankruptcy Court? 

DionneWFor the past 50 years, Dionne Warwick has been recognized as a music icon. The songstress has released dozens of studio albums, a handful of live recordings and won five Grammy awards. Her extensive profile includes three songs in the Grammy Hall of Fame, including “Walk On By.” When she’s not making music, Ms. Warwick has acted, hosted TV shows and held a position as an UN Ambassador. Dionne has charted over 50 singles in the length of her career than all other female vocalists, except Aretha Franklin. Continue reading…

Donald Trump Uses Bankruptcy to Become More Successful

Deciding to file bankruptcy can be a very emotionally distraught experience for anyone. Yet this is the time when it is possible through proper restructuring to turn your life or your business around. It is actually quite common for someone contemplating bankruptcy to inquire about how someone like Trump was able to use bankruptcy to become even more successful. This is stunning for mdonaldtrumpost people who have a very limited understanding of how bankruptcies work. Large-scale bankruptcies like his stagger the imagination. Not only was the amount of his bankruptcy huge but even more significantly he used it to come out ahead. Continue reading…

Michael Vick Spent $29 million Since Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have to Destroy You Financially

Every American is familiar with Michael Vick’s story on some level. The pro football player has been in hot water for years, most notably for his extensive dog-fighting ring, which has incensed dog lovemichael_vick_files_bankruptcyrs everywhere, and made Vick one of the most hated football players in recent history.

His dog-fighting business did more damage to just his professional and personal reputation, however. After serving prison time for animal cruelty and a host of other charges, Vick was released and placed on a reorganization plan to pay off his creditors–his former team the Atlanta Falcons among them. Since his release, he has earned $31 million playing football, and has spent over $29 million of it. Continue reading…

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