GM Providing Half Truth About More than their Ignition Switches?

July 14, 2014



When GM filed bankruptcy in 2009, the company was required to file disclosures to the court about its potential liabilities and known creditors. It did not include any of the people with active legal claims against the company based on ignition switch problems in its list, according to the court filing.

Federal prosecutors are developing a criminal fraud case hinged on whether General Motors made misleading statements about a deadly ignition switch flaw, and are examining activity dating back a decade, before GM’s 2009 bankruptcy, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation. Continue reading…

Honest is the only policy in Bankruptcy – Half Truth is a Whole Lie

Half truthJuly 13, 2014

Recently Bankruptcy Court ruled that a debtor could not pursue a personal injury claim when she failed to disclose that in her bankruptcy petition.

While in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor got fired from her job at the hospital.   The hospital failed to provide adequate accommodations due to her disability. Continue reading…

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