KaoaokeJune 1, 2015

Creditor who Filed a Claim for Managing A Karaoke Singer’s Career Sings the Blues

While in Nashville, an “agent” observed someone singing Karaoke.    The “agent” established a contract with the Karaoke singer to manage his singing career.

Ten years later, the Karaoke’s career never took off and his singing career never came to fruition.     Consequently, he filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

The “agent” filed a claim stating that claims based on the management agreement should not be dischargeable.    This was an effort to ask the Court to deny a Chapter 7 Discharge of debts of the Debtor.

The Court found that the Plaintiff (“agent”) had no claim against the Debtor because the management agreement was unconscionable.

In addition, it is interesting to note that the Plaintiff (“agent”) filed for Chapter 7 previously and never listed any claims against the Karaoke singer.   Therefore, the plaintiff was judicially stopped from filing his claim in the first place.

Now the management agent is singing the blues now…..