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Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy


  • Chapter11Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Business Entities (e.g. sole Proprietor/Partnership)

A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a reorganization of debt.

Individuals who have debt which exceeds the $ limits for a Chapter 13, must file a Chapter 11 if they want to reorganize, spread their debts over a period of time without losing all their assets. (Typically a Chapter 11 individual debtor is someone who has millions of dollars in debt and assets).

For businesses it is an excellent opportunity to seek out methods of new financing as well as streamline their financial picture while keeping their business running.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy allows the business bankruptcy protection while it carries on business and stays open for business. Customers may not even be able to see any difference in the business operations which keeps customer relations intact and the business is still able to earn money.

It is best to describe and provide me the details of your financial situation so that I can afford you the opportunity to obtain future financial success. As with all Bankruptcies, I assist debtors so that they are given the respect and hope they need for the future.


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