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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Eligibility:     Individuals            Corporations          Business Entities (Sole Proprietors/Partnerships)

Chapter7A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation of debtor’s non-exempt assets. Although it is called liquidation, many times there are no assets to liquidate and you can gain approval to no longer pay back debts.

When there is high debt and a low possibility of being able to pay back to creditors, Chapter 7 is considered.  After a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is completed, my clients have most of their debts erased or discharged.

If eligible, a person or business has a great opportunity to eliminate debts (both consumer and non-consumer) and move forward in a relatively short period of time.

Keep in mind, there are some debts that are non-dischargeable, such as child support, alimony and some tax debts.

When I meet with you, I review your situation and I can determine whether filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is in your best interests for your future success.

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