Leases: Commercial / Residential

Commercial Leases:

Mr. Ferro has handled and is knowledgeable in protecting commercial landlords with an effective lease including items that could arise in the future.

LeasesMany landlords are eager to find a person to rent and rush into a lease just to have the building rented. Later, if the lease was not effectively written, it could cost more to the landlord in damages or legal fees to evict a tenant than the rent earned. Mr. Ferro realizes that a landlord needs to find tenants but also be sure that it is cost effective over the long run. Damages to the premises can be costly and will give rise to contract disputes.

Mr. Ferro has extensive experience in both protecting the landlord as well as the tenants.

If a tenant signs a personal guaranty, he/she must be sure that they understand the consequences when the lease terms are not met. Mr. Ferro specializes in NJ Bankruptcy and can explain and protect landlords when a business declares bankruptcy. The impact on the leases will be thoroughly explained by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

When commercial leases become contract disputes, you want to be sure you have Mr. Ferro representing your best interests.

Long-terms costs could far exceed the cost for Mr. Ferro to draft/review your leases. Call Mr. Ferro today. He would be glad to meet and discuss your needs with commercial leases. Mr. Ferro understands that commercial leases are time sensitive and demand a quick response.

Leases – Homes/Apartments:

Mr. Ferro handles real estate transactions involving leases for both homes and condo/apartment buildings.
Leases for individual home rental terms are quite different and require different terms than a rental of a condo/apartment.

Mr. Ferro has found that tenants/landlords that set up the agreements with the small, standard leases rather than individualized leases result in more expensive and greater disputes in the future. It is far better to have Mr. Ferro set up a thorough lease that contains specific clarity. For the small upfront cost, you could avoid costly litigations and disputes down the road.

Whether you have one home, one apartment or a complete apartment building that you would like to set up a lease, you can rely on Mr. Ferro’s expertise in protecting your rights. Mr. Ferro understands that these are time sensitive and provides quick turnaround so deals are not lost due to the attorney’s lack of attention/urgency.

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