Ex Attempting to avoid Paying Support Obligations – Could Not File Chapter 13

April 6, 2017


  • Ex-Husband was required to make monthly alimony payments according to his Marriage Settlement Agreement (“MSA”).
  • MSA stated it could not be modified.
  • Ex-husband fell behind in his payments
  • Ex-husband tried unsuccessfully to lower his MSA payments in State Court
  • State Court ruled against him – Affirmed on Appeal
  • Threatened with jail time, the Ex-husband filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as a delay tactic.

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Dining Out – Effect on 2017 Budgets and Waistlines

dining-outDecember 13, 2016

I read something interesting today:   Dining out is the No. 1 item that Americans blow their budgets on, according to the Principal Financial Group’s annual Financial Well Being Index, which was released in December 2016. The company surveyed more than 1,100 employed American adults.

Besides your Budget – eating out has these effects:

  • tend to consume 200 more calories than when they eat at home
  • eat more or eat higher calorie foods
  • obesity and higher body fat

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Sexual Harassment Damages are NonDischargeable in Bankruptcy

December 15, 2015

There is no definite position by the Bankruptcy Courts that damages awarded in sexual harassment/ discrimination lawsuits are alwaINappropriate touchingys nondischargeable.   Each case is reviewed on its own merits.

In a recent case, the debtor was a dentist.   His assistant had worked for him for 19 months and quit her job because of the dentist’s sexual harassment.   Although the dentist defaulted at trial after providing substantial discovery, a damage inquest took place and the assistant was awarded $302,154.88 for damages including legal fees. Continue reading…

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