Drone Saves Drowning Swimmer – Bankruptcy Can be a Life Line Too…

January 25, 2018

Recently I heard on the news that a person swimming at an ocean resort beach had difficulty swimming and began to go under the water.



  • Normally the lifeguards jump off their benches with a life raft and swim out to the person in distress.
  • Now the lifeguards use a drone to send out to the person which drops an inflatable tube/life preserver.   This life preserver inflates when it hits the water.

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Angry Ex-Husband Has No Standing to Object to Ex-Wife’s Bankruptcy

December 11, 2017


  • Couple divorced after two years of “contentious” litigation.
  • Ex-wife filed for Chapter 7
  • Ex-husband filed an adversary proceeding stating that she was not entitled to a discharge.
  • He claimed she had made false statements about her assets and liabilities. (Undervalued her engagement ring, failed to disclose $1,000.00 per month in income, and other non-disclosures)
  • All debts ex-wife owed were to be paid totally to her ex outside of bankruptcy as they were non-dischargeable.

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Ex Attempting to avoid Paying Support Obligations – Could Not File Chapter 13

April 6, 2017


  • Ex-Husband was required to make monthly alimony payments according to his Marriage Settlement Agreement (“MSA”).
  • MSA stated it could not be modified.
  • Ex-husband fell behind in his payments
  • Ex-husband tried unsuccessfully to lower his MSA payments in State Court
  • State Court ruled against him – Affirmed on Appeal
  • Threatened with jail time, the Ex-husband filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy as a delay tactic.

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Sexual Harassment Damages are NonDischargeable in Bankruptcy

December 15, 2015

There is no definite position by the Bankruptcy Courts that damages awarded in sexual harassment/ discrimination lawsuits are alwaINappropriate touchingys nondischargeable.   Each case is reviewed on its own merits.

In a recent case, the debtor was a dentist.   His assistant had worked for him for 19 months and quit her job because of the dentist’s sexual harassment.   Although the dentist defaulted at trial after providing substantial discovery, a damage inquest took place and the assistant was awarded $302,154.88 for damages including legal fees. Continue reading…

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