“Thank you for your services in this very sensitive matter.  Your patience and expertise are so greatly appreciated!  I will definitely refer you to anyone in need of these services!!  Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!”
FE, Hudson County
“Thank you very much for everything and your excellent service.  I’ll pass on the word to anyone that might need your service. ”
YL, Passaic County 01/06/2018
“Thank you!  You’re the best.   Happiest of holidays, Mr. Ferro.  You should feel very good knowing that you do good every day in this world by helping people like me. ”
CB, Passaic County 12/08/2017
“Thank you so much, you’ve made this process so much easier.    I sincerely appreciate all of your assistance.   Thank you!”
ER, Hudson County 10/20/2017
“Dear Attorney Ferro:  My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the tremendous help and assistance you have afforded us with our bankruptcy application.  It is such a big weight off our shoulders and we are determined not to fall into the same financial crisis again.  We have learned our lesson in a very tough way…… Rest assured, we will refer any of our friends or anyone we know who is facing the same financial crisis whose only resort/solution is to apply for bankruptcy.  That’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for all the assistance you have extended to us.  Thank you so much again!”
N&VM, Passaic County 10/08/2017
“Ralph, I was very satisfied with your legal services; you were very organized and efficient throughout the process.   I found the Financial Counseling Course helpful about managing my future finances.”
ADR, Passaic County 8/24/2017
“Ralph, Thank you! You were fantastic.  I appreciate it very much.   I think you are a true professional, and you made this process pain free!   Thank you for you calm nature as well.   You are excellent at giving advice and direction.   Have a wonderful weekend!”
MGZ, Passaic County 6/16/2017
“Thanks Ralph!     The process was easier and faster than I expected.    I am very satisfied with your services and you were always reachable.”
CC, Passaic County 3/7/2017
“Thank you for having done an an excellent job with our bankruptcy case.   You cared about our future success and I was always able to reach you like you promised. ”
HCZC, Hudson County 2/12/2017
“Excellent advice during the entire process from the initial discussion on the type of bankruptcy to pursue and ending with our time in court.  The entire process was fully explained, there weren’t any surprises and the court found everything perfectly prepared.”
JZ, Passaic County 12/04/2016
“I was very satisfied with the services Ralph provided.   I called Ralph Ferro, Jr. at a time when I was in a desperate situation.  I sent him an email and explained my situation.  Right away he replied and said to call him.  An appointment was scheduled to meet in person.  Ralph Ferro explained the process and about how long it would take, if everything was in order.  I did everything I was told to do.  The process began immediately and now I am totally debt free.”
MW, Union County 11/30/2016
“Ralph, I want to tell you, thank you for handling my case.  Hopefully the bankruptcy will be granted.  I was so drained, had to lay down.  Thank you and God Bless! ”
SB, Passaic County 9/23/2016
“Ralph, you answered every question and explained thoroughly.   I would recommend your services to anyone!, Thank you!! ”
LK, Passaic County 8/19/2016
“Ralph, I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent answering my many phone calls and questioning.   You were extremely patient and knowledgeable.   I could not have gotten through such a stressful situation without your kindness and expertise.    Many, Many thanks!! ”
VL, Passaic County 8/15/2016
“Mr. Ferro was an excellent attorney; very caring and was so quick with the process and filed paperwork in an expedient manner.   I recommend Mr. Ferro to anyone that needs a bankruptcy attorney.”
FM, Passaic County 8/12/2016
“Ralph was straight forward, truthful and very professional.   You can’t ask for anything else when someone is going through a hard time financially and looking for a solution.”
LN, Essex County 8/12/2016
“Ralph, I was very happy with the thoroughness in which my case was handled.   This was a very stressful time for me and you helped relieve that stressfullness with the care and expedient way you handled everything.  I am very grateful.  Thank you”
BB, Essex County 8/5/2016
“Ralph, We were satisfied with the services you provided, especially with such a difficult circumstance to be in.   It was a difficult decision to file bankruptcy, but once the decision was made and we spoke with you about it, our decision to file seemed like the right thing to do.   We appreciate your help.”
BC&DC, Passaic County 7/29/2016
“Ralph, Thank you very much for your help, you truly cared about our future success and were always easy to reach.”
LT&PT, Passaic County 7/16/2016
“Ralph, Thank you very much for your help, we appreciate it.   We really liked how prompt you were with us. “
MS, Passaic County 7/15/2016
“Ralph, Great Job with our Bankruptcy.  Thanks”
JP, Bergen County 5/27/2016
“Ralph, You were very responsive to my questions and needs and were very helpful.   I would recommend you highly without reservation.   Thanks”
PF, Bergen County 5/26/16
“Ralph, Thank you.   You handled my case flawlessly and professionally.  I am very satisfied with the results you achieved for me.   You really cared about my future. “
JCR, Passaic County 5/6/16
“Ralph, I don’t think you will ever fully know the gratitude I have toward you.  Thank you for helping to relieve my Murphy’s Law of a life and turn it around.”
PK, Hudson County 12/28/15
“Ralph, you were very helpful in my time of need and I greatly appreciate it.”
SL, Passaic County 12/11/15
“Ralph,  you cared about my future and success.    I was always able to reach you.   I was very satisfied with your representation. “
CG, Passaic County 12/5/15
“Ralph, I was able to get a new leased car without a co-signer right after I was discharged from my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.    When I applied for pre-approval for a house one year after my bankruptcy, all the bank wanted was a letter explaining the bankruptcy and why I had to do it.     Claiming bankruptcy was actually the best thing I ever did!  Thank you for making it a little less painful!”
CAM, Essex County 9-27-15
“Ralph, You have been most helpful in expediting my bankruptcy.   It was a pleasure working with you.   I would highly recommend you.  Thank you.”
LdeF, Passaic County 9-11-15
“Thank you so much for the services you have provided.   You’re so helpful and have patience in explaining to me the process of bankruptcy.   I really appreciate your time, effort and help.   You were there at the right time for me.   May God richly bless you and your family.”
JB, Bergen County 8-30-15
“Mr. Ferro – You truly cared about our success.    It was comforting to know that you never lost a Chapter 7 case and you always reassured us throughout the case.   You helped us through this very difficult and stressful time in our lives and you made us realize we are not alone.   I highly recommend you to anyone looking for legal advise for a bankruptcy. “
L&F L, Essex County 8-26-15
“Mr. Ferro – you did a great job with my bankruptcy:    you always answered my questions, you cared about our future and I could always reach you on the phone when I needed to.    Last but not least, you saved my marriage.      Thanks again.”
PM, Bergen County 8-25-15
“Mr. Ferro – you are a class act.    I will recommend you to anyone in a similar situation – thanks”
E&BA, Essex County 8-12-15
“Ralph is the best I can not stress enough how hard he worked on my case. I went through a really rough time. I wish i knew about Ralph before i went to another lawyer first big mistake. When i first met him you knew right away how compassionate he was about you and his job. I knew right away he was the lawyer for the job. Unfortunately bankruptcy is a hard step but when you have someone like Ralph helping you through it all from beginning till end you can not ask more. There so much i can. If you are really going through a rough time financially and need the right lawyer theres no one else. Dont even bother looking around go see Ralph. Thanks again Ralph you gave me a second chance out there in the world!!!”
DC, Essex County 7-23-15
“Mr. Ferro came to us at exactly the right time – we had no choice but to depend on him at that moment and he never let us down.   The entire process was done well and we are very happy.   Thank you Ralph!”
RF&FC, Hudson County 6-15-15
“Ralph as always available when I needed his advice and support.  I highly recommend Ralph Ferro for his dedicated professionalism.   Thanks, Ralph!”
SR, Union County 5-6-15
“Dear Ralph Ferro, We just wanted to say thank you for making the whole process go smoothly and easy.   You are a great lawyer and we will recommend you to anyone in the same situation we were.  Take Care.”
A&RF, Morris County 4-14-15
“Ralph was very thoughtful and caring above and beyond in this situation.  Ralph made a very difficult time in my life easier to deal with as he is a true professional.  I would strongly recommend his services as he himself handles each detail 100% and I never had to worry about another picking up my case.  Thanks Again.”
AN, Bergen County 3-30-15
“Ralph, We both thank you so very much.   All of your help was much appreciated!”
RJ, Morris County 1-23-15
“I want to thank you as this is a difficult time in my life and you are making a fresh start for me.   I will recommend your services on a first-hand knowledge of a first class attorney.  Thanks again.”
GC, Bergen County 1-23-15
“You made my Chapter 7 bankruptcy a breeze.   You did all of the work for me and was able to help me keep my home.   You are worth every penny and I would definitely recommend you to anyone considering filing bankruptcy.”
AS, Union County 12-10-14
“2 Things I just wanted to let you know:  I got both garnishments back:  the one before the bankruptcy and the one after the bankruptcy.   I know I paid you to do my bankruptcy but that doesn’t mean I can’t thank you.   Thank you, you made it very easy and not complicated at all and I appreciate that.   Thanks Ralph.”
RB, Passaic County 11-20-14
“Thank you so much Ralph, you made this whole situation painless and we will refer anyone we know who needs a lawyer to you.”
BF, Passaic County 11-02-14
“We would like to thank you for representing us with our case.   You did an outstanding job.  Your prompt assistance helping us with everything throughout our case was greatly appreciated.  You were always available whenever we needed you.  You were very dedicated and always had the correct answers we needed.   We will be highly recommending you to anyone who is in need of a great Attorney.  You’re the best!”
DS and WS, Passaic County 10-17-14
“I would highly recommend Mr. Ferro.  He was always there for me and returned all my calls.   Mr. Ferro always emailed me what was going on with my bankruptcy.  He is a highly  professional attorney who shows concern for his clients by advising them with every detail needed to make this process be successful.  I cannot thank him enough.”
CD, Passaic County 9-26-14
“We appreciate how you always conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner.   You make us feel welcome and at ease with our financial troubles.   It also was very helpful that we dealt directly with you and you were always available by phone.”
JZ and LZ, Morris County 9-26-14
“Hi Mr. Ferro – Thank you! – You did it again!! “
GH, Bergen County 9-16-14
“Hi Ralph – Words cannot even explain how grateful and thankful I am to you.   Through probably one of the lowest and most unsettling points in my life, you helped me through it and I am forever grateful.   I will definitely refer you to anyone I know in need of your services.   Again, thank you for everything and thanks for being such a nice guy through everything. “
RR, Passaic County 8-12-14
“Ralph – We thank you for your great service – you lived up to your promises.  Thank you.”
KB/WB, Passaic County 7-31-14
“Ralph – you always returned our calls and you were easy to reach, as promised.  Thank you.”
AM/YGM, Bergen County 7-21-14
“Ralph – I was very satisfied with all your help with my Bankruptcy.  Thanks.”
MF, Somerset County 7-18-14
“Ralph – We were always able to reach you and you cared about our future.  Thank you.”
BF/KF, Passaic County 7-16-14
“Ralph – you made a very stressful situation go very smoothly.  Thank you.”
RC, Bergen County 6-30-14
“Ralph – you were very helpful through the whole process.    You understood my case, answered all my questions and were very professional.  Thank you.”
JD, Camden County 4-9-14
“Thank you  – you were very helpful, answered all my questions and you are very nice.”
KV, Camden County 4-9-14
“Thank you for making this difficult time such a seemless process for us.  The best part was anytime I had a question or concern you addressed it ASAP.  Thank you.”
CV, Passaic County 4-4-14
“Bankruptcy was a  tough decision for me.  Mr. Ferro explained the whole process in detail and relieved me of my fears.  I can now start putting my life back together and build a strong health financial future for me and my family.  Thank you”
BC, Middlesex County 3-20-14
“Hello Ralph, It’s been 6 months since we have used your services and things have been much better!   We thank you for the service you provided and the speed at which the process went at.  You were 100% right about everything.  Thank you once again!”
BK, Passaic County 3-20-14
“Dear Ralph, Thank you again for your representation in the wrongful cases against me.   You are a real asset to have in my corner, thanks!”
MS, Bergen County 3-18-14
“Ralph, My wife and I are thankful for all your help.   You really cared about our future success.  Thanks”
JC, Bergen County 1-31-14
“Dear Mr Ralph, I congratulate you on getting me a reasonable Discharge.  It was done with your commitment and hard work and special attention.   I will be in touch with you and will pray for your success.   Regards”
MA, Bergen County 1-28-14
“Hi Ralph, Thank you so much for all your expertise, patience, and help in getting us through this process.  You were with us every step of the way and answered all emails and phone calls immediately.  You have definitely went above and beyond for us and we are so appreciative for all you have done.   Thanks again for everything.”
Joe V, Passaic County 1-15-14
“Ralph, I just wanted to let you know I got both garnishments back.   I know I paid you to do my bankruptcy but that doesn’t mean I can’t thank you.   Thank you, you made it very easy and not complicated at all and I appreciate that.  Thanks Ralph.”
RB, Bergen County 12-29-13
“Hello Ralph, I want to start off by saying how thankful I am that I had you as my attorney.  You really do what you advertise as well as giving guidance through the process by simply answering your phone or getting back quickly whenever I had questions or needed answers.  I felt confident that I chose the right man for the job because of how you followed through and also helped me to do the same.   Thank you and Happy Holidays.”
Paul W, Sussex County 12-29-13
“Ralph always answered my questions, he cared about my future and I was always able to reach him; I was very satisfied with the services Ralph provided to me.”
Alex U, Passaic County 12-20-13
“Ralph was amazing throughout this personally preconceived to be difficult process, ensuring me from the consultation throughout the finalization that he would deliver outstanding results.   And he certainly did!  Anytime I had a question/concern, he was available to assist!  I highly recommend his services.”
Marc B, Passaic County 12-20-13
“Hi Ralph,
Thank you.  It’s been a pleasure, I’ll definitely call you with any future legal matters.  Enjoy the holidays.  You rock.”
Angela, Passaic County 12-13-13
“Mr. Ferro,
Thank you – great job  – have a beautiful thanksgiving.”
George N, Bergen County 11-24-13
While I pray I will never be in bankruptcy again, working with you was an amazing experience.  I worked directly with you and you were able to get me an amazing resolution.  You over-delivered and always worked with me in order to help me get through this financially stressful time.”
Samuel V, Bergen County 12-03-13
This note of gratitude is sent with sincere appreciation.
Thank you for not having me feel alone going through this difficult time of bankruptcy.”
LC, Passaic County 11-20-13
“Hello Ralph,
Just wanted to share some good news with you.  My credit score is up to a 710! I was able to lease a car for a good price without my uncle’s help! I also applied for a secured credit card with a small balance to build up that score.  Thanks so much for all you did for me, I really appreciate it and will recommend you to my friends and family if they need you.  THANKS “
CA, Bergen County 4-23-13
Was pleased to receive sent letter and well understood that the case is completely a closed filing for Chapter 7.We were very delighted that you were representing our case.  Once again, we want to thank you for all the support, kind explanations and being patient with us at all times.  Thank you. “
J & J K, Passaic County March 2013
“Thank you Ralph,
I do thank you for successfully getting this done.  I do appreciate all your help and assistance.
Kind regards”
PW, Bergen County
“You helped me so much and you were phenomenal!!! I am doing real good. NO DEBT. NO credit Cards. Just mortgage, car, cell.  I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday also.  If I ever need anything you will be the first I call and I will continue to send those in need!!!”
Lynne, Bergen County
“Dear Ralph:
Thank you very much for your professional handling of my bankruptcy. You allayed my anxiety every step of the way and made the process more palatable to me.
You have a wonderful way with people and I got to know a little bit of who you are. I hope the move to Little Falls is a great plus for your future. Maybe the computers won’t freeze up in Little Falls as much as they did in Ridgewood!
All the best and again thank you.”
Elaine J., Bergen County
“Hi Ralph,
No legal problems just writing you once again to thank you for your help along the way.  Your countless hours of research and personal attention really paid off.  So there you go.  I was amazed I won, and the strange thing of it all was the let down at the end. While happy, very happy in fact….there was an empty feeling to it all as well.  Your sincere caring and concern meant so much to me.
Take care “
Mike, Sussex County
Ralph, thanks for all your help with RC! You made this an easy process. We certainly chose the best lawyer!
Thanks again “
“I have been meaning to email and now I finally got around to it.  I wanted to thank you for all of your help with the bankruptcy last month.  I really appreciated the way you handled my case and I would gladly recommend you to friends in need. It feels great to have the bills and calls stop!  Thanks again so much for your help and professionalism.  Good luck with the wedding plans!”
“Hi Ralph,
My wife and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your efforts in handling our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case. You have delivered excellent service, communication, and professionalism.     We are truly grateful.
Please use our names as references for future clients.
Thank you!”
Joe & Alicia S, Somerset County
I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me.  That was a very dark time in my life but now I am able to press forward.   Take Care!”
NS, Burlington County
“I want to thank you for such a good experience in not such a good type of thing we had to do.  Again, Thanks Ralph”
DR, Edison
Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us.   You made a stressful event run smoothly and I greatly appreciated it.  You are a true “Professional”.
NS, Sussex County
Thanks so much for your help!  You did an excellent job!!
JG, Hudson County - Bayonne
“Hello Ralph,Thank you so much for all your help with our case.  We are very grateful.  We still have a mountain to climb financially, but we definitely see the light and we have a plan.
LL & CL, Morris County
“I am very appreciative of your expert work.  You made the whole process endurable at a very difficult time, and I felt completely safe in your hands. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.   You are a great person.
Thank you for everything.  With best regards,”
DR K, Bergen
“Mr. Ralph:
Thank you so much for the way you handle our case and giving us confidence through the process from beginning to end,…we felt that things run smoothly in your care.  As we said before, we will recommend your services to anyone we know that is considering going that route.
Damian, Passaic County
You saved my life…..Not only did you handle my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, but also my mortgage modification.  I am now on my mortgage modification trial period and I am so relieved that my payments will be much more reasonable.
Thanks Buddy”
Nick F, Sussex
“Dear Mr. Ferro!
Thank You very much for representing me.   It was a pleasure.  Also, I would like to compliment your appearance and the way you handle things, which gives the sense like a good old times lawyer and it’s very comforting for a client. Keep up the good work!
Thank’s again.”
N and AI, New Jersey

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