Prison Time for Bankruptcy Fraud

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Dallas woman was sentence to one year and one day in Federal Prison for making false statement during her multiple bankruptcy filings. Estela Martinez (54) was out on bond, failed to show up at her sentencing hearing – she was later arrested at her home and held until the final hearing. What did she do? […]

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Beware of Debt Settlement Companies – They don’t put you back on top of Mount Everest

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) put a stop to the allegedly deceptive practices of a debt settlement operation that lured consumers with exaggerated claims about how it could help reduce their debts.   The defendants behind the operation have agreed to a settlement that prohibits them from making any further misleading claims. The FTC case against […]

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Coldwater Creek is Dried Up

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Coldwater Creek, a prominent figure in the Women’s clothing industry, has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The chain is closing all of its stores in a desperate effort to consolidate itself and find a person willing to buy it. With a total of 365 stores and 6,000 employees, a large hit is set to unfold to […]


New Term – Zombie Foreclosures:

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In the past, when we think of Zombies, we envision a horror film, e.g. the Night of the Living Dead. Now houses that are left abandoned with the high number of foreclosures are being referred to as Zombie Foreclosures. The problem with these undead domiciles is that, once abandoned, they quickly fall into disrepair and […]