Zombie Foreclosures: Continual Concerns

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As more and more homes are foreclosed and/or homeowners leave the property prior to the bank actually foreclosing, the zombies are growing. As we drive around in neighborhoods throughout New Jersey, we can easily identify these “Zombies”. You will see a nice neighborhood with the lawn being well maintained and the homes look well kept.  […]


Chihuahua Not a Big Dog & Craig’s List Statement – Result: Non Dischargeable Debt

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Making false representations and/or causing deliberate damages to a Creditor are not dischargeable. The Debtor’s landlord sued the debtor and the following acts by the Debtor made these debts non-chargeable as ruled by the Bankruptcy Court. What happened? Debtor rented a property from the Landlord. Lease included one dog – a small Chihuahua Upon leaving, […]

Pending Issues

Payday Loan Company (CIC) Pays Damages

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As previously discussed, payday loans are referred to as “predatory” loans.    These companies target desperate individuals who are in serious financial difficulties.  They have run out of all options to borrow money and now must turn to these unscrupulous organizations. The interest rates range from 24% to 149%.    In addition, there is usually an origination […]