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Debtor Can’t Discharge Firearm Debt

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Background: Plaintiff and Debtor were firearm collectors. Plaintiff placed several firearms with the Debtor for safekeeping. Debtor sold some of the weapons with Plaintiff’s permission. Plaintiff asked for remaining firearms to be returned; Debtor did not return to Plaintiff Plaintiff sued Debtor in State Court. 2 years of litigation; Plaintiff won summary judgment $160,000 plus […]


Celebrities File Bankruptcy, Too – Connie Stevens

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Celebrities file bankruptcy

Celebrities File Bankruptcy, too.   Let’s look a famous celebrity Connie Stevens who filed bankruptcy in California Bankruptcy Court One of Connie Stevens’ assets was her white brick colonial located just off the Sunset Strip.   Opposite this house, is the home of “Frasier Star, Kelsey Grammer”.   Features of this home include: a pool and […]