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NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer Details IRS Asleep at the Wheel

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As a Bankruptcy Lawyer, I am providing the details of the Bankruptcy Court’s ruling that the IRS must follow rules in Bankruptcy  like everyone else.   If the IRS is Asleep at the Wheel, they lose.   The IRS as well as debtors must adhere to Bankruptcy Court Rules. IRS began collection efforts for penalties on a […]

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Filing NJ Bankruptcy Now: NJ Bankruptcy Attorney Offers Advice

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As a NJ Bankruptcy Attorney, my advice to you for the new year is to create your financial future.   Evaluate all options. I reviewed the bankruptcy filings presented in the American Bankruptcy Institute’s website,   NJ Bankruptcy November Filings are down 20% versus last month.   Year to Date NJ Bankruptcy Filings versus the same time […]