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50 Cent’s Request for $ from Creditor – less than Expected

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  • Rap artist, Curtis James Jackson III, a/k/a 50 Cent,  is in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • 2 Days after 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy, he was sued for copyright infringement, unjust enrichment and fraud by Brandon Parrott and Erica Tucker (Plaintiff’s).
  • 50 Cent’s attorneys filed a motion in Bankruptcy Court for a violation of the automatic stay.
  • 50 Cent’s counsel requested a total of $18,545 in legal fees.

Court Ruling:

  • Plaintiffs did not take immediate action to withdraw their complaint and this was a violation of the automatic stay and was willful in nature.
  • Request for relief from 50 Cent’s attorneys did not include any damages but only legal fees.
  • Fees and costs sought by attorneys were not reasonable.
  • Fees awarded by Court of $150.00 and $1,914.00
  • Costs incurred to respond to complaint and advising Plaintiff’s of bankruptcy were reasonable but not the costs to bring this motion for costs.


Attorneys only received cents on the dollar for their representing 50 Cent.