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About Ralph A. Ferro Bankruptcy Lawyer

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About Ralph A. Ferro Bankruptcy Lawyer
American Board Certification in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, earned by Ralph A. Ferro JR., Esq, a bankruptcy attorney operating in New Jersey

Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Bankruptcy Lawyer

About Ralph A. Ferro Bankruptcy Lawyer

You can read about Ralph A. Ferro  Bankruptcy Lawyer and NJ Bankruptcy Law Firms via our client reviews, credentials (Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification (ABC), education, and success rate as you look through our website. Now I want to tell you a little more about our team, I cannot describe the satisfaction I get when we: 

  • Save a client’s home from foreclosure
  • Enable a client to keep their vehicle
  • Obtain a strip-off of a 2nd mortgage     (A second mortgage can be stripped from the home’s title if ALL of the home’s value is encumbered by liens that come ahead of the second mortgage lien on the home’s title. All of the home’s equity is taken up by the prior liens, leaving no equity for that second mortgage.)
  • Stop creditors from calling and proceeding with wage garnishments
  • Stop a foreclosure
  • Stop a Sheriff’s sale
  • Enable a client to stay in their home with bankruptcy protection
  • Keep a client’s business operational
  • Afford clients the ability to get a fresh start
  • Receive calls from clients to let us know how well they are doing
  • Receive calls from prior clients telling us they are buying a new home and bankruptcy was the best decision they made
  • Getting feedback from clients, their personal and professional lives have greatly improved following the bankruptcy.

Ralph A. Ferro, Jr, Esq. Law offices provide expert bankruptcy legal services to help people get rid of their debts and the stress and problems affecting their lives with crushing debts.

I sincerely enjoy the process as I alleviate overwhelming financial debts for my bankruptcy clients.

  • Clients become aware they do not have to work for the rest of their lives to pay off their debts.
  • Once their debts are lifted, I see the immediate changes in the lives and well-being of my clients.
  • Client’s business relationships improve as well as their personal relationships.
  • Sometimes, it is the equivalent of winning a small lottery and paying off all your debts.
  • Sometimes, individuals just need extra reinforcement from our NJ Bankruptcy Law Firms’ team that everything will be OK and that it is not the end of the world.

When clients first contact us, they are frustrated/embarrassed/angry for getting into this financial situation. We get to know the client’s unique financial situation.   Compassion is vital when I work with my clients.   

We reassure clients:

  • You will bounce back
  • Similar financial situations happen to many people
  • You are not alone
  • We are here to help you to determine if and how filing for bankruptcy will benefit you.

Client Reviews demonstrate I practice what I promise.

  • I take a personal interest in every case,
  • I work with you at the beginning, middle, end of your bankruptcy case and beyond. 
  • Please take time to read my client reviews
  • I want you to know that I am the best bankruptcy attorney for your future financial success.

If there are any issues with bankruptcy protection, I am immediately available.

Whether you consider filing:

I hope I have the opportunity to meet with you and offer my expert bankruptcy legal services to you.

Ralph A. Ferro, Jr. Esq. (201) 446-5904  –   I offer a Free In-Person Bankruptcy Consultation  – Contact me

Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You?

When we Meet, you will know if filing bankruptcy is the right option for you and learn more about Ralph A. Ferro Bankruptcy Lawyer and our Firm:

The decision to file bankruptcy is an important decision.   The decision to file bankruptcy should not be made without consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

If you make a decision and file bankruptcy when it was not in your best interest, it is almost impossible to undue.   For that reason, you need a board certified  bankruptcy attorney who specializes in New Jersey bankruptcy law to:

  • advise you,
  • guide you, 
  • help you through the process so that you are sure you understand bankruptcy and how it will affect you.   

There are many advantages to a smaller bankruptcy law firm, contact me to find out more about my law firm.

Which Bankruptcy Lawyer is Best for You?

  • I always meet personally with my potential clients. 
  • It is so important that you get to know your client personally.   
  • No one in my office screens my clients.
  • You call and I speak with you personally.   
  • During a bankruptcy, you should be in close contact with your bankruptcy lawyer.   

Bankruptcy is an important decision and has an emotional impact on clients.    I am here for my clients.   Clients can call me on my cell phone at (201) 446-5904 and I always return phone calls.   

When you need financial guidance, I hope you call me and set up a free in-person bankruptcy consultation so you can learn:

About Ralph A. Ferro Bankruptcy Lawyer