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Social Media – Can Come Back and Bite You

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As I continually point out – honesty is the best policy.

In bankruptcy, a trustee can review your social media pages.    If someone is bragging about their new car or the great vacation, a trustee can use this evidence against you if this information was not disclosed or in your bankruptcy petition.

So many times, we see how telling stories on your social media sites can come back to bite you.

In your bankruptcy petition and when you appear at your bankruptcy hearing, the trustee gains an overall picture of your lifestyle and financial affairs.

If you post on a social media page that you just won a large sum of money or inheritance, that money could potentially become money to pay back your creditors.

There was one situation where a person stated they had so little money that they could not pay their property taxes and their bills.     Surprisingly on their social media page, there was a picture of him and his family vacationing in Aruba and showing the diamond ring he bought his wife.

One Trustee asked if a debtor owned any other automobiles and the debtor said no.   Low and behold on Facebook he describes his antique corvette.

Remember social media may be used for, among other things, impeachment and asset-location purposes.

Be sure what you post on social media a site is something you would not mind being posted for the world to see.