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Can Credit Cards Be Used During Bankruptcy?

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Can Credit Cards Be Used During Bankruptcy?

Can credit cards be used during bankruptcy

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Upon filing of bankruptcy most if not all of your creditors will terminate your credit line.

  • You cannot use credit cards during a bankruptcy.    
  • Until your bankruptcy is closed completely, you should not incur additional debt.    
  • The purpose of bankruptcy is to reduce or eliminate your debt. 
  • If you are in bankruptcy and start incurring more debt, you may find  your spending behaviors continue.   
  • You want to establish good credit.   
  • Also, any debts incurred after the day you file, you are obligated to pay.

The day you file your bankruptcy, those debts included in your bankruptcy petition, are either:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually is completed in 90 days; therefore, it will not be long before you can apply for credit again.   

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy usually has a 3-5 year Plan.   Yet many times, during the 3-5 years, you are able to apply for credit.

Most creditors cancel all credit cards/lines/charging privileges upon the filing of a bankruptcy.    Credit lines with zero balances are also cancelled.    Even if you are current on your credit lines/cards, they are cancelled by your creditor.

You can pay in cash methods, check and/or debit.

Now you are on your way to only spending what you can afford for the time being.

Good news about bankruptcy and credit cards:

  • You will be able to get credit again.
  • During a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (which is usually a 3-5 year Plan), you may be offered credit.
  • There are credit cards similar to debit cards which can be used.
  • I received letters (which are sent to me while my clients are in bankruptcy) offering the following:
  • VISA – “You’re Pre-Approved for A credit Line up to $1,500” with   Cashback rewards.
  • Your credit recovers quickly after or during bankruptcy.    
  • Getting rid of debts through bankruptcy allows you to obtain the credit you need in the future.
  • After filing bankruptcy, your credit score immediately improves.

Increase your Credit Score 

When you reach the point of bankruptcy; most often:

  • your credit score is very low 
  • credit cards are maxed out
  • you are overwhelmed with past due  payments
  • paying the minimum is impossible
  • late fees and interest keep piling up – increasing your balance higher and higher
  • you keep falling deeper and deeper in debt

Filing bankruptcy does not hurt you – it helps you.   

Eventually your credit will be cut off if you don’t file bankruptcy and you will still have debts that are ever increasing.

Another option if your spouse has little debt or wants to keep credit, only one files bankruptcy.

Credit cards can be maintained by the other.

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