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Change is Good – Winds of Change that Lead to Bankruptcy

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Change is Good – Winds of Change that Lead to Bankruptcy

Winds of Change, Change is Good, Lead to Bankruptcy

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Change is Good. As the Winds of Change led us to file Bankruptcy, you can look at the situation as a positive move forward.

Change is hard but necessary when we are having financial difficulties. Filing bankruptcy can get you back on track.

Whether you need to file a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, I provide bankruptcy protection and help.

At times, all of us have been rejected, made mistakes, not been accepted for a position, had financial problems, etc.

You must keep moving forward and don’t give up with your long-term visions or plans for your life.

I have heard many say:

  • I’m too far in debt, so I just keep spending and charging – what is another $100 when I owe $70,000 to my creditors?”.
  • The debt gets larger and larger until they make a change to do something to turn their lives around.

I can’t stress enough that you should not be so hard on yourself because you can’t do anything about the past.   If you learn from your past mistakes, then it is not a waste of your life.   Sometimes the winds of change take us in an entirely new direction.

How else would you be able to pay off your creditors?

So When the Winds of Change Lead to Bankruptcy, It is a positive.

Don’t incur continual interest but start out again with a clean slate?

When you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you can wipe out your debts, stop hiding from creditors, and answer your phone again without the fear that a creditor is “hunting” you down.

File Chapter 11 or file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and these may also be options for you to get back on track.

Sometimes, it is good to look at those who could have given up, buried their heads in the sand, and never surfaced to try again.

Whatever you have gone through, keep moving forward in a positive direction.

For that reason, I am providing you with names, dates and events that happened to very successful people.    They got right back on track.

Famous People Who Change was Good for Them – They moved forward so Can You: 

  • Walt Disney (1919)fired from newspaper job for lacking imagination.
  • Lucille Ball (1926)told by acting coach that “she is wasting her time and ours”.
  • John F. Kennedy (1936) – runs for president of freshman class at Harvard and loses.
  • Steven Spielberg (1960’s)– rejected by film school University of Southern California.
  • The Beatles (1962) – turned down by Decca Records.
  • Vera Wang doesn’t make U.S. Olympic Figure Skating team.
  • Hillary Clinton – (1973) fails the DC bar.
  • Oprah Winfrey  – (1977) – fired from her news-hosting job for getting too emotionally invested in her stories.
  • Bill Clinton – (1980) – loses re-election as governor of Arkansas.
  • Michael Bloomberg (1981) – fired by investment bank Salomon Brothers.
  • Steve Jobs (1985) – fired from Macintosh division of Apple.
  • J.K. Rowling (1996) – turned down 12 times for Harry Potter manuscript.

Wow, the winds of change sent all of these individuals to a better place.    Change and making changes is the only way to move forward or in another direction.   Let the wind not allow you to give up and see yourself as a determined and strong individual.

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