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Filed Bankruptcy Hit Lottery

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Filed Bankruptcy Hit Lottery


Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Filed Bankruptcy – Hit Lottery

This is a real success story from one of my clients.     NJ Lottery really made their dreams come true.


  • My client filed for bankruptcy due to high credit card debt and personally guaranteed loans.
  • His wife did not file for bankruptcy.
  • Shortly after receiving his discharge, his wife won the lottery NJ Lottery.
  • 4 years after receiving a discharge in bankruptcy, my client won the lottery.
  • My client called me and wanted to know whether his bankruptcy had any ramifications for his keeping the winnings.


  • Both lottery winnings were theirs to keep
  • She was not affected in any way by her husband’s bankruptcy.
  • If my client had purchased the ticket before filing, he would need to pay his creditors from these winnings.
  • If my client had purchased the ticket after filing, he could keep his winnings.
  • Since my client, purchased the winning ticket after filing for bankruptcy, all the winnings are his to enjoy.

It should be noted that both spouses do not have to file.     I have many clients that only one files for bankruptcy.     However, if both spouses have debts, it is usually recommended that they file at the same time.   The cost for filing the bankruptcy is the same.    One the bankruptcy petition is filed.

It gives me so much pleasure to hear from my clients after their cases are completed.    Here is just another great story.   

Timing is everything in life.   Can you image that both spouses won the lottery?   WOW

My clients always share great successes and are so pleased after they receive their discharge.    Bankruptcy is not the end – it is the beginning.

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