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Bankruptcy Myths – BK Lawyer Dispels Myths

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Bankruptcy Myths – BK Lawyer Dispels Myths

Bankruptcy Myths

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Let me Dispel Myths About Bankruptcy:

  • Filing bankruptcy indicates shame.
  • It is rare to file bankruptcy.
  • Famous People Do Not Go Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy is  a sign of failure
  • No president every filed Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is done everyday and also by many famous people.   At the end of this article, you can read a list of Famous People Who Lost it All.

There are many celebrities that filed and declared bankruptcy.   Bankruptcy affects many in all walks of life.   Even Abraham Lincoln had financial hardships and declared bankruptcy.   I can help you with your finances.  I offer a free bankruptcy consultation.   Contact Me Today.   Ralph A. Ferro, Jr, Esq.

Myths About Filing Bankruptcy:

In my experience, any people express shame and disgust when they contact me about filing for bankruptcy.   They tell me that they feel like a loser.  They feel beaten down and their lives are over.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

There is no shame in filing bankruptcy.   A Bankruptcy can be a way for you to get a fresh start and wipe your slate clean and become debt free.

In fact, there are many famous people who have filed bankruptcy and later rebounded bigger and better than ever.    This has been true also from my experience with my clients.   Many of my clients within a few short years after their bankruptcy were able to obtain credit cards, get car loans and qualify for mortgages.

If my clients and these celebrities did not declare bankruptcy, they would never have been able to move forward.

Here is a list of some very famous people that either filed bankruptcy or had financial problems.

I would hardly call any of these celebrities who filed bankruptcy losers.   So the next time you are being too hard on yourself due to your financial situation, look over this list of famous people/celebrities that had financial difficulties.

Myths About Filing Bankruptcy – Ignore them.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, call me for a free bankruptcy consultation.   I provide bankruptcy protection.

BANKRUPTCY –   Famous  People Who Lost It All:

Benedict Arnold                      P.T. Barnum                   Kim Basinger            George Best                     John Wayne Bobbitt         Lorraine Bracco

Buffalo Bill                               Tia Carrere                     George Clinton          Gary Coleman                  Francis Ford Coppola       David Crosby

Walt Disney                             Jim Dooley                     William C. Durant   Mick Fleetwood                 Heidi Fleiss                         Zsa Zsa Gabor

Leif Garrett                               Marvin Gaye                  Ulysses S. Grant       Archie Griffin                     Corey Haim                       Dorothy Hamill

MC Hammer                            Isaac Hayes                     Milton S. Hershey     Perez Hilton                      Ronald Isley                      LoToya Jackson

Don Johnson                            Margot Kidder                Larry King                 Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes       William McKinley            Willie Nelson

Wayne Newton                        Ted Nugent                     Suge Knight               Cyndi Lauper                       Jerry Lee Lewis                 Meat Loaf

Abraham Lincoln                     Thomas Paine                 Tom Petty                 Bud Post                               Susan Powter                     Robert Price

Randy Quaid                            Rembrandt                      Tommy Rettig          Burt Reynolds                      Mickey Rooney                 Anna Nicole Smith

Dee Snider                                Lynn Spears                    Sheryl Swoopes         Lawrence Taylor                  Donald Trump                    Mark Twain

Mike Tyson                              Johnny Unitas                Gloria Vanderbilt     Oscar Wilde                            Ray Winstone                     Francis Lloyd Wright

Tammy Wynette