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Bankruptcy Plan – Thanksgiving Costs

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Bankruptcy Plan – Thanksgiving Costs

Bankruptcy Plan Costs

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Bankruptcy Plan - Even Small Costs Matter

Bankruptcy Plan Payment
My clients are working hard to keep up with plan payments.

As a New Jersey bankruptcy attorney, I see that even the little costs matter in an individual’s finances.   

One of the requirements of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is putting together a bankruptcy plan.    Here, details of income and expenses are provided and are relevant.

Some good news for finances this 2023 Thanksgiving holiday.

As we constantly see prices and costs rising, this year, the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people is $61.17, (American Farm Bureau Federation annual survey)  

The price last year was $64.05 — Wow – actually a drop in cost.    A 4.5% decrease from 2022’s highest numbers.


  • The lower cost of turkeys
  • A larger supply of turkeys
  • There is a recovery from the avian influenza in 2022

Even though the overall costs of typical Thanksgiving staples, e.g. potatoes, vegetables, etc. increased slightly, the overall cost of your Thanksgiving meal is still lower.

When meeting with my bankruptcy clients, I see that the most important part of their lives are their families and friends as well as the experiences they share.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I am thankful for my clients and the experiences they share with me as well as my ability to help them through difficult financial times.  

      I Wish You and Your Friends and Families a Wonderful Thanksgiving                  with great memories and experiences.

The turkeys in this blog were walking around my yard – celebrating another great year, too.

Let’s talk turkey….

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Math matters – Even with your Turkey Dinner

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