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What is an Example of Bankruptcy Fraud?

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What is an Example of Bankruptcy Fraud?

Bankruptcy Fraud Example

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Fraud is unacceptable when you file bankruptcy.

When you come to the Federal Government for Bankruptcy Relief, you must be an honest debtor acting in good faith.

Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you must disclose all of your income sources.    I stress this during my initial consultation with my clients.   If they ask me a particular question, I let them know if that would be bankruptcy fraud.

One Example of Bankruptcy Fraud:

  • Transferring assets before filing bankruptcy.
  • That will be discovered.

The opportunity to file bankruptcy is open to all honest bankruptcy filers.

Here is another example of Bankruptcy Fraud.   Yet, believe it or not, this person thought that their fraud would not be discovered.  They were so wrong.   Now they will spend time in jail without pocketbooks:

  • Woman selling those counterfeit handbags while in Bankruptcy – apparently felt that the $700,000 she earned did not have to be disclosed.    Wrong!
  • Not only was she charged with trafficking in counterfeit merchandise and money laundering but also Bankruptcy Fraud.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Filed:

While this “business” was operating in her home, the debtor filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and did not disclose the income from her high end designer handbag business.   The Debtor operated this business out of her home.

I cannot stress enough when you come to the Federal Government for debt relief, honesty is the only policy.

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