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Bankruptcy Mediation, What is it?

Bankruptcy courts and law firms use Bankruptcy Mediation as a valuable adjunct to case management to help resolve issues.

Bankruptcy Mediation is important for a number of reasons, typically a Bankruptcy Lawyer, or Attorney helps the cases go through smoothly, as they are properly prepared, analyzed, and filed.

However, when there is a dispute related to a debt, an adversary proceeding is filed. There are a multitude of reasons for an adversary proceeding.  Despite best efforts, sometimes disputes are unable to be settled. For those cases, a Bankruptcy Mediator is an excellent additive to bring the matter to resolution prior to a Court trial.  In fact, Courts Agree.

Examples of adversarial issues:

  • The Debtor and or the Bankruptcy Attorney propose that a debt should be dischargeable in bankruptcy but the creditor disagrees, e.g., tax debt, willful damages to a creditor.
  • Creditor/Trustee upon looking at transference of assets before the bankruptcy, assert that there were fraudulent transfers.
  • Debtor/Attorney files that the creditor violated the automatic stay. A creditor seized property/money when the bankruptcy was in place. Debtor was not given the bankruptcy protection that is in place.

Basic Facts about Bankruptcy Mediation:

  • non-binding meeting.
  • less costly
  • enables a quicker mechanism to resolve disputes.
  • limited attendees at the hearing: Bankruptcy Mediator (agreed upon by both parties), interested parties and their lawyers.
  • each party is allowed to present their position paper and facts (not shared with the other side) to the Bankruptcy Mediator.
  • The Bankruptcy Mediator is given time to review the case before the mediation hearing.
  • The parties are brought together and provided possible resolutions.

As a valuable asset to both courts of law, and law firms sometimes an unbiased outside party as a Bankruptcy Mediator is able to resolve a dispute that even the most skilled professionals are not able to resolve.
I have served as a Bankruptcy Mediator and resolved many cases without court intervention. This saves costly legal fees for all parties and moves the case forward.

As a Bankruptcy Mediator, I offer:
  • Expert knowledge in private practice specializing in bankruptcy law.
  • Board Certification from the American Board of Certification (ABC) in Consumer Bankruptcy Law
  • Bankruptcy Mediator training from St. John’s University School of Law
  • Ability to work well with diverse dynamics and strive to settle a matter.
  • Sound legal knowledge and case interpretations for the parties to consider for resolution.


      If you need a competent Bankruptcy Mediator who is not only knowledgeable in bankruptcy law but also works well with diverse situations and personalities, I am here to serve as a Bankruptcy Mediator in New Jersey bankruptcy cases.

      I will work to bring your matters to closure through effective Bankruptcy Mediation.

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American Board Certification in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, earned by Ralph A. Ferro JR., Esq, a bankruptcy attorney operating in New Jersey

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