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Choosing An Attorney

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Options – Remote or In-Person Meetings

Options available for remote or in-person meetings.

As always, my initial bankruptcy consultations are provided at no charge.  I look forward to in-person consults again but I am still offering you the choice.   So much is lost when you cannot meet face to face.

Below are precautions my office is taking to protect you for meetings in my office conference room:

  • Upon arrival, clients call from their car so no clients are in contact with another.
  • Forehead temperature will be taken prior to the meeting.
  • I will be wearing a mask and masks are available for you, too.
  • No handshaking.
  • You can wear gloves if you wish.
  • 6’ seating distance at the conference room table.
  • Conference room table and other items will be disinfected between client meetings
  • Handrails will be disinfected between meetings.

I look forward to meeting with you so we can move forward…..and plan your financial options

Lawyer Files Skeleton Petition for Dead Person

Skeleton Petition for Dead Person????


  • Lawyer filed a Chapter 13 Petition for a woman who died 10 years earlier.
  • Filed another Petition for same dead woman 2 years later.
  • Lawyer stated he was asked by the woman’s daughter to file.
  • Lawyer filed the skeleton petition on the eve of foreclosure of house in estate.
  • Informed court he did not know that he could not file bankruptcy for a probate estate.
  • Both cases were eventually withdrawn when he was told by the Trustee that dead people cannot file for bankruptcy.
  • Judge issued significant sanctions against the Lawyer.

Court Ruling:

  • Lawyer made false statements and no excuse for alleging ignorance about rules on filing for a dead person.  
  • Lawyer did not conduct reasonable investigation into the debtor’s eligibility.
  • Lawyer appealed Judge’s ruling and sanctions.
  • Nice try by lawyer but no one believed the attorney…..Shame on the attorney.

Bankruptcy is a Specialized Field of Law; Hire a Board Certified Bankruptcy Lawyer and Avoid Mistakes

Protecting Clients Due to Coronavirus


I realize how scary these times are for all of us. We are experiencing something we could not imagine.

In order to protect you, at this time, I would be glad to meet with you initially over the phone. We could exchange paperwork without your visiting the office.

Call me for your Free Bankruptcy Consultation; I am here for you.



The Handshake Is on Hold

We are concerned about the coronavirus, including myself.

For now, I am foregoing the normal handshake with my clients.   It is hard not to shake hands but I respect my clients and their health.

I am taking extra precautions to avoid any contamination when my clients come to my office:

  1. The conference room table and chair arms are disinfected before and after each meeting.
  2. The door handles are wiped down with disinfecting chemicals several times a day.
  3. The stairway railings are wiped down with disinfecting chemicals several times a day.
  4. If any of my clients would rather sit further away at the conference room table, I am happy to accommodate.
  5. Hand sanitizer is available.

Let’s all take precautions until this situation is under control.

My clients are important to me as always and their physical health is just as important as their financial health.  I am here to help you with your financial future.

Debtor Loses Home – Debtor’s Attorney Drops the Ball

Debtor Should have hired a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney


  • Debtor filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy pro se.
  • After first case was dismissed, Debtor hired an attorney unfamiliar with bankruptcy law.
  • Sheriff’s sale was scheduled..
  • Attorney filed 2nd Chapter 13 case for Debtor.
  • 2nd Bankruptcy filed within 12 months of dismissal of the prior case.
  • Attorney dropped the ball and did not file an application to the Court within 30 days of the filing of 2nd Bankruptcy.
  • No application was filed, the automatic stay expired 3 days after filing of 2nd Bankruptcy case.
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Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Gains Approval for Board Recertification as a Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialist

Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.
Board Certified in

Consumer Bankruptcy Law

June 13, 2019 – The American Board of Certification (ABC) Standards Committee recertified Mr. Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. as a Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialist.

Mr. Ferro was originally certified in 2015.   After careful review and evaluation for not only his competence, good standing, spotless record, demonstrated excellence and achievements in Consumer Bankruptcy Law, the Committee gave their approval for recertification.    There are high standards to be Board Certified and Mr. Ferro continues to meet these standards.

Mr. Ferro will now hold this distinguished credential as being Board Certified through June 30, 2024.   

Dishonest Lawyer – Stole Client’s Money, Filed False Reports and Files for Bankruptcy


  • Lawyer represented a client in a divorce and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Lawyer received $10,000 bank check payable to her client as part of divorce settlement.
  • Instead of turning the check over to her client, lawyer endorsed the check with her client’s name, kept more than $7,300 and sent a check to her client for the balance.
  • Now to make matters worse, lawyer files a false police report stating that her client had stolen $10,000 from her.
  • When asked during testimony, lawyer admitted she filed a false police report to cover her tracks of forgery.
  • The client was arrested based upon the false police report.
  • Client hired new counsel and filed an adversary complaint seeking to recover payments made to her former attorney and damages resulting from violation from automatic stay.

Rogue Attorney Suspended from Bankruptcy Court

June 19, 2018

  • Attorney while going through the metal detector at the Courthouse triggered an alarm.
  • He was told by Security to take off his belt, empty his pockets and go through the machine again.
  • Attorney reacted by throwing off his belt on the conveyor and hitting a woman in line while he spewed profanity-laced displeasure.
  • This was not an isolated incident. On many occasions, the attorney would use profanity aimed at the security officers.   His actions were disruptive, abusive and undignified.
  • Officers reminded him that they were officers of the Court and his behavior was unbecoming of a member of his profession.
  • On one occasion, the security officers had to summon the U.S. Marshall during one of his tirades.

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Bad Attorney Violates Bankruptcy Code

May 8, 2018


  • Attorneys instructed clients to use their credit cards to pay bankruptcy related legal fees.
  • At the attorney’s direction, clients used 2 different credit cards to pay the initial retainer and the next 3 installments.
  • A bankruptcy law firm is a debt relief agency.
  • A debt relief agency cannot advise a prospective client or assist a person to incur more debt.

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