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Bribing a Creditor – Results in Bankruptcy Fraud Conviction

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I can’t emphasize enough that honesty is the best policy when you come to the Federal Government for relief from your debts.

You cannot talk to your creditors and persuade them not to contest your Bankruptcy Filing.   And, most certainly, you cannot offer your creditors money to be silent in your Bankruptcy Filing.

Recently a Debtor pled guilty to committing bankruptcy fraud for this action.

What happened?

  • A debtor sent an email to a creditor asking that the Creditor not appear in Court to object to his bankruptcy filing.
  • The Debtor included in that email – I will give you a sum of money if you agree not to contest my Bankruptcy.
  • The Debtor explained – if I file for bankruptcy, you could get nothing of what I owe you.
  • The Creditor took that email to the Bankruptcy Court.
  • Debtor was not only charged with Bankruptcy Fraud but also he now owes all his debts and cannot come to the Federal Government for help.