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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings Jump 67% – Consumer Decrease 2015-16

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Financial distress within a number of sectors, including energy and retail, has caused more businesses to file for bankruptcy.

  • Business Chapter 11 filings climbed 67%: 408 April 2015 climbed to 680 in April 2016
  • Consumer bankruptcy filings decrease –11%: 75,308 April 2015 down to 66,975 April 2016.

Just a brief description of Chapter 11 bankruptcies:

Chapter 11 Bankruptcies are generally used when individuals or companies have large amounts of debt that they need to reorganize.  Typically, an individual will file a Chapter 11 only if they do not qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcies have debt limitations whereas Chapter 11 bankruptcies do not.