Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proof of Claim Late

Chapter 13 creditor rights

It is important for creditors to file their Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Proof of Claims timely.   A question I receive often is:  Should I tell creditors when I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?   The answer is No.    When a bankruptcy is filed, bankruptcy creditors are sent a creditor Chapter 13 bankruptcy notice automatically by the Bankruptcy Court.  Bankruptcy creditors have rights, too.

After a bankruptcy creditor receives the bankruptcy notice, they must file a Bankruptcy Proof of Claim.   One way, bankruptcy can negatively affect a creditor is by filing their proof of claim late.   Even the IRS makes mistakes in bankruptcy.


  • A creditor has 70 days from the Bankruptcy Petition Date to file a proof of Claim
  • Debtor provided an incorrect address for one of the Creditors.
  • Although the incorrect address was provided, the Post Office was able to deliver the notice prior to the 70 days from the Petition.
  • The Creditor came to the Meeting of Creditors expressing her view on bankruptcy creditor rights.
  • The Creditor had time to come to the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Meeting of creditors but not file a Proof of Claim.
  • The Meeting of Creditors was delayed and rescheduled since the Debtor was not present and suggested the Creditor obtain Counsel.
  • The Debtor showed up at the next Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors.
  • The creditor claimed that she was unaware of the rescheduled date.
  • The creditor files a proof of claim beyond the 70 days.
  • Debtor and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee objected.
  • The creditor states she should have been allowed to file a Proof of Claim as part of her bankruptcy creditor rights. 
  • Her reason to be able to file is that she was not allowed the “full 70 days” to prepare her Proof of Claim.

Court Ruling:

  • Nowhere in the rules does it state that the creditor must receive notice for the full 70 days from the filing of the Petition.
  • The Creditor admitted she received a notice and the post office delivered it to her on the 68th day.   That is also evidenced by the fact that she appeared at the Meeting of Creditors.
  • The Proof of Claim was not allowed
  • It is not clear that the Creditor decided to attend the Meeting of the Creditors but not file the Proof of Claim timely.   
  • The creditor did not seek Counsel, as was suggested.

Late is Late – You cannot come to Court with an exception – there are very definite deadlines and if you sit on your rights – you could lose.    The Creditor should have been represented by Counsel in this Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.   The advice given was not taken.

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