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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fraud

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud Example, What is bankruptcy fraud

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fraud Results in Prison for Boris Becker.  There are many bankruptcy fraud cases.   However, this is a great example of bankruptcy fraud.

Being a tennis legend does not excuse bankruptcy fraud.

What bankruptcy fraud did Boris Becker commit?  Below are his Bankruptcy fraud examples:

Property Transfers

After he filed bankruptcy,  he transfers hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He took money out of his bank account and transferred to other accounts.   These accounts included:  his ex-wife and current estranged wife.

Debt Concealment

Did not disclose on his bankruptcy petition an $895,000 bank loan.   He did not explain what happened to this money.

Asset Concealment

Failure to declare ownership of property held in Germany

Although convicted on 4 counts of his indictment, he was acquitted on 20 other counts.  The four counts committed were enough to land him in prison for 2.5 years.    The 20 acquitted counts include the hand over of 2 Wimbledon Trophies and an Olympic Gold Medal.     He cannot wear his medals to prison.   Maybe he will “find” these when he gets out of prison.   Double fault for him.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fraud is serious.    Before you file for bankruptcy, be sure you hire the best bankruptcy attorney.    I am Board Certified.  and provide bankruptcy protection for honest debtors but not for the dishonest.

I assume Boris did not get the right attorney that gave him proper guidance in filing bankruptcy.   Or maybe, he just did not tell his bankruptcy attorney the truth.    Did he actually think that his bank accounts would not be reviewed?    WOW – That is so obvious.    A good bankruptcy attorney explains bankruptcy requirements and reviews the case well.

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