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File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Keep Your Home

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File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – Keep Your Home

file Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for an excellent opportunity for bankruptcy protection and keep your home.   You can Stop Foreclosure.   Mortgage arrearages are spread out over a 5-year period.  

However, be sure that your bankruptcy lawyer specializes in bankruptcy law.    Bankruptcy protection is available to keep your home.

If keeping your home is important to you, a good attorney makes sure that this goal is met.  Before filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, I evaluate and determine if my clients meet the requirements for filing.   I advise if the debtor(s) qualify to keep their home and closely follow the case.   Bankruptcy Law has strict deadlines and there are very specific requirements.   

I realize that keeping your home is an emotional time for you.   Clearly, your home has more than monetary value to you and your family  I am here to help you.  You can save your home from foreclosure.   Foreclosures are stopped even if you file bankruptcy the morning before the foreclosure sale.

Unfortunately, there are cases wherein a Debtor loses his/her house.   Their bankruptcy attorney dropped the ball and they lost their home.  Apparently, the Debtor did not  hire a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney.   As a result, their goals were not met.

As an example, here is a case wherein the Debtors lost their home through the fault of their attorney:


  • Debtor files Chapter 13 Bankruptcy pro se.
  • The first case dismisses.
  • Shortly thereafter, the Debtor hires an attorney
  • Attorney is unfamiliar with bankruptcy law.
  • There is a scheduled Sheriff’s sale.
  • Attorney files 2nd Chapter 13 case for Debtor.
  • 2nd Bankruptcy filed within 12 months of dismissal of the prior case.
  • It is easy to see, the Attorney drops the ball.
  • 30 days from filing of 2nd Bankruptcy, the required application to the Court was not filed.
  • 3 days after the filing of the 2nd Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case, the automatic stay expires.

 Outcome – No Bankruptcy Protection:

  • Although their attorney filed the 2nd bankruptcy, it had no value to the Debtor.
  • As a result, the Sheriff’s sale went forward.
  • Attorney did not Stop Foreclosure from happening.
  • Eventually, the Debtor lost their home with no bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy Law has many facets and specialties.   Look for a Board-Certified Bankruptcy Lawyer.   The range of issues in law are far reaching.  I specialize in one field: Bankruptcy.  I provide clients with solid legal knowledge and experience,    I determine if bankruptcy enables you to meet your goals.

My help is available to give you Bankruptcy Protection.     You may want to learn more about bankruptcy and NDC is an excellent source   https://www.ndc.org/home

Call me for a free bankruptcy consultation today:   Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.   (201) 446-5904    I will advise you whether to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Contact Me