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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Help?

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How Does Filing Bankruptcy Help?

How does filing bankruptcy help

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

How does filing Bankruptcy Help?   Chapter 7, 11 or 13 Can Help You:

  • provides a pathway to future financial success.  I am a bankruptcy lawyer; I can help you.
  • Do not be discouraged and believe that financial success is not possible based upon your debts.

First Step:

Life gets better when you take that first step.   That first step is realizing that you need to find a way to get out of debt.

Next Step:

After you take that first step, make the next step and call me Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer.   I provide expert advice to determine whether bankruptcy is the pathway to the road to your future financial success.

An in-depth zero obligation bankruptcy consultation is provided free of charge.    Afterwards, I advise you whether filing bankruptcy is right for you, which bankruptcy is needed (Bankruptcy Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13) and then explain the process in detail.

I handle bankruptcy filings with minimal involvement of my clients.   This takes the pressure off my clients.  However, my clients call me anytime.   If they need assurance or have a question, I am in close contact throughout their bankruptcy and beyond.   I take filing bankruptcy for my clients seriously and I have great concern for my clients.    However, my clients are not alone.   I am an experienced and Board Certified NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer.

This past year has been tough enough for everyone.     In addition, debts are burdensome and negatively affect one’s daily attitude and stress level.

Going through the relatively short bankruptcy process, my clients have a different outlook about their future.  When the initial 341a Meeting is scheduled, clients are not anxious.   I prepare them before the meeting so there are no surprises.  I prep their cases well so the meetings go very smoothly.   After the 341a Meeting is complete, they confirm that there was nothing to be anxious about.  The 341a Meetings are easy for them.   No one is judgmental and Trustees are also concerned for their futures.

How Can Filing Bankruptcy Help?

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy:   debts are wiped out and you start fresh.
  • Chapter 11 or 13 Bankruptcy:  debts are reorganized either over 3 or 5  years, provides a clear path to financial success.  Chapter 13 Helps with Foreclosure and Past Due Mortgage Payments.

One of my favorite things to hear is, when a client calls and asks me: Can you send me a copy of my Order of Discharge? I am in the process of qualifying for a mortgage.  That makes me smile knowing my client took the pathway and now is on the road to success.

YOU CAN DEFINE YOUR FUTURE and your past is always something that molds you to where you want to be.

Make that first step to realize that you need help to get out of debt.

Next call me for a free bankruptcy consultation.  I want to help you and become your bankruptcy lawyer for your future financial success.

Bankruptcy provides a pathway for your road to financial successes.