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Received a foreclosure notice – what can I do?

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Received a foreclosure notice – what can I do?

Stop Foreclosure

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Opening the mail you see a foreclosure notice that your home may be taken from you is upsetting and scary.  You receive a complaint that your lender is seeking Court action to foreclose on your home.  You want to Stop this foreclosure.   You need to know that you have an option to Stop Foreclosure that enables you to keep your home.   That option is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy help.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help

Chapter 13 allows you to organize your debt and reorganize your finances.   You can pay off your debts including your mortgage arrearages over time.   I can meet with you and discuss the entire process of filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.   I can prepare a plan to get you back on track.

Stopping a foreclosure allows an individual/family to keep their home.   Clients call me in a panic thinking that it is the end of their world.   The want want to stop a foreclosure.    This is a stressful time.  However, I can ease your stress.    Keep in mind, that I have compassion for my clients.

Ultimately, each situation in unique to each client.   I take the time to learn more about your particular situation.   My clients rely on me because I am there for them.

I can stop your foreclosure immediately even if the Sheriff’s sale is the same day.

You may be procrastinating on what to do to stop your foreclosure.    Also, you may be  falling behind in your mortgage payments.  However, we can save your home.    Do not let the lender take your home.    Your home gives you security and a sense of ownership.   Do not wait until the Sheriff’s sale is over.

Stop a Foreclosure the Same Day before the Sale Takes Place

I will meet with you personally and determine if Chapter 13 is an option for you.   If Chapter 13 Bankruptcy help will benefit you, I can file your case the same day and Stop the Foreclosure.  You are never passed on to another associate.  I meet with you, file your case, and work with you throughout the entire process.   Rest assured.   You hire me – I represent you personally.

Have you?

  • had periods of underemployment or unemployment.
  • missed a mortgage payment or you just got behind.
  • been denied a loan modification and the bank took long to answer.
  • just received a foreclosure notification.

Utilize bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure to give you time to pay back the past due mortgage payments and keep your home.

Do not let the Bank or Sheriff decide whether you Stay in your Home or Walk-away from your Home.

You can dictate the payment terms and not the bank and STOP YOUR FORECLOSURE.

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