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Bankruptcy Lawyer Near You – Chapter 7 BK – 100% Success*

Bankruptcy Lawyer Near You

Bankruptcy Lawyer Near You – Look for a lawyer’s success rates: – Chapter 7 BK’s

When you look for the best bankruptcy lawyer near you, it is important to check out your Bankruptcy Attorney’s success rate in filing for bankruptcies.

Chapter 7 BK – I have a 100% success rate with all filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcies*.

  • Why would anyone want to hire someone without knowing how well they have done in the past?
  • Would you hire someone for a job that they have failed 50% of the time when they represented clients?
  • Results are key for proven successes

Therefore, it is so important a case is carefully reviewed and tested before taking a client’s Bankruptcy case.

If your bankruptcy lawyer has not been successful, it appears they:

  • Should not have taken the case
  • Did not do their due diligence to review the case
  • Did not check to see if the  client meets the tests for Chapter 7
  • Rushed the initial consultation
  • Filed Chapter 7 BK when it was the incorrect chapter to file
  • Were not the best bankruptcy lawyer for you.

Before you hire an attorney, ask them about their success rates.   During the initial consultation, you can ask for proof and a statement from the attorney.   If they are hesitant to provide this, your gut should tell you something just is not right.

You want to hire the best bankruptcy lawyer near you that provides expert results for you.

I always screen my cases before taking the case.    Why would I want to fail?   I care about my clients and also my integrity in my professionalism.

With over 29 years legal success in representing both individual and business, you can rely on my expert advice and service.

Now, more than ever, consumers are deep in debt. Sometimes, bankruptcy is the only way out.  Finding the best bankruptcy lawyer near you can make a enormous difference.

You can check out my client reviews and I would be glad to provide you with a free bankruptcy consult.

NJ bankruptcy legal services are provided to:  Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex and Union Counties

*Past performance does not guarantee future success.