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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing Personal Bankruptcy  Chapter 7 & Get Chapter 7 Help (Ch 7 bk) is a decision that can set you up for a brighter future by eliminating your outstanding debts with debt relief help.  Being aware of the steps involved can encourage you to feel confident and put you at ease in your decision.  Understanding what happens after you file your initial petition for personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

You need to know:   

What is the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process?

How long does the bankruptcy process take from start to finish?

Contact the best bankruptcy lawyer.  I have a 100% Success Rate with All Filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.

  • Take the first step if you are considering filing personal bankruptcy chapter 7:   Contact the best bankruptcy lawyer
  • Set up an in-person appointment for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection (bk protection).
  • I get to know my clients and handle their case from start to finish.
  • You need a bankruptcy attorney, so you understand: What is bankruptcy?
  • An experienced bankruptcy attorney will advise you if a personal bankruptcy Chapter 7 is best for you.
  • I offer a free bankruptcy consult for Chapter 7 Help.
  • I realize that you are overwhelmed, want the calls to stop and to have the pressure taken off.

After hiring your lawyer for Chapter 7 help and you are recommended to file personal Bankruptcy Chapter 7, you can expect the following:

As soon as your Personal Bankruptcy Chapter 7  petition is filed,

  • Creditors can no longer contact you and there is a stay/halt on all collections.
  • All foreclosure proceedings are frozen
  • Wage garnishments Stop.

Credit Counseling:

  • There is one credit counseling session before you are able to proceed with your bankruptcy.
  • A final online course must be completed within 75 days of filing your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New Jersey
  • Both of these courses take about 2.0 hours and are available on-line
  • I explain in detail these courses and how to register on-line.

Petition is Filed:

  • Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy help lawyer will work with you filing bankruptcy Chapter 7.
  • Your petition is filed.
  • I take on the entire project for my clients.
  • You provide me with the details of your situation.   I do the rest.
  • My clients do not have to fill out forms, prepare formal lists in any fashion or key in any information.
  •  Let me do the work and make it easy for you.
  • I am your point of contact as your Chapter 7 bankruptcy help lawyer.
  • You hire me and you sit back and know I am dedicated to work on your Ch 7 bk from start to finish.

Meeting of Creditors:

  • Approximately 30 days after filing your initial petition, there will be a meeting of creditors with the Bankruptcy Trustee.
  • Again, since I personally work with my clients and know their case very well, the meeting goes very smoothly.
  • The night before the meeting, I spend time with my clients, so they are well prepared and relieved of any anxiety.
  • Usually, the meeting of creditors takes not more than 20 minutes (My cases are well prepared, and I am personally at the meeting) No stand-ins for me.
  • However, it is so important to have an experienced NJ Bankruptcy attorney so that they have prepared, reviewed and worked with you so that your bankruptcy goes smoothly with no delays.
  • Read my client reviews that back up my promises.

Notice of Discharge

  • After approximately 60 days after the Meeting of Creditors, a bankruptcy Order of Discharge is issued.
  • I immediately notify my clients the same day.    It gives me great pleasure to inform clients that they no longer are required to pay any of your debts that were listed in the bankruptcy petition.

Assets are Protected:

  • The good news is that assets such as you home, bank accounts and personal property are generally not eligible to be liquidated.   There is also an amount that you can exclude from the bankruptcy (cash, etc.)
  • Most importantly, your retirement accounts are not affected.

Now that you know What is the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process –

  • You can be on your way to a fresh start.  All debts in your Ch 7 bk are gone with this Debt Relief Help.

Bankruptcy provides debt relief help.       A bankruptcy attorney can give you the best advice if this is the correct option for you.  If you are thinking about going through bankruptcy, you should feel comfortable with what Ch 7 bk entails.    I always explain thoroughly Ch 7 bk, so my clients are comfortable and feel enthusiastic about the process.

Call me today for a free consult so we can meet and discuss filing personal bankruptcy Chapter 7:  Find out What is Bankruptcy?   Is it right for you?

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Call today (201) 446-5904 Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.     Debt relief help is available now! Get Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection (bk protection)! 

You will understand: 

  • What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?   

  • What is the Process?  
  • How long does the bankruptcy process take from start to finish?   

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