Choose Best Bankruptcy Attorney

Choose Best Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding the Right Match for your Bankruptcy Case

  • Choosing and hiring the best BK attorney are key tasks for a client when considering filing bankruptcy. 
  • During your free bankruptcy consultation, find the right match for you and your individual needs.   
  • No two bankruptcy attorneys are alike.
  • Bankruptcy attorneys are not commodities.   
  • You should research your attorney’s background, read their website and then set up a face-to-face interview or consult.   
  • An in-person consultation is absolutely necessary.  During this bankruptcy consultation, you can determine if the attorney has the demeanor, expertise, and professionalism you expect.

Board Certification is a clear indicator that your attorney is well qualified in the field of bankruptcy.    Whenever I make an appointment with a professional, such as a doctor, I look for a Board Certified doctor.   I recommend you look for a Board Certified Bankruptcy Lawyer; I am Board Certified.

Would you Choose and Hire this Bankruptcy attorney?  Is this the Right Match for You and Your Bankruptcy Case?

I am sharing this example of a “Rogue” attorney:

Background of Rogue Attorney Behavior:

  • An Attorney triggers alarm while going through the metal detector at the Courthouse.
  • Security instructs him to take off his belt, empty his pockets and go through the machine again.
  • The Attorney throws off his belt on the conveyor.  His belt hits a woman in line.
  • He spews profanity-laced displeasure.
  • This was not an isolated incident. On many occasions, the attorney would use profanity aimed at the security officers.
  • This attorney displays disruptive, abusive and undignified behaviors on many occasions.
  • Security Officers remind him that he is an officer of the Court
  • The attorney’s behavior is unbecoming of a member of his profession.
  • On one occasion, the security officers had to summon the U.S. Marshall during one of his tirades.

Bankruptcy Court Ruling

  • In his defense, the attorney indicates that he believed that his status (as an attorney) meant something different from what the Officers presented.
  • The attorney states that he should not be subject to the courthouse’s strict security procedures.
  • The Court disagreed.
  • Not only did the Court disagree with his position, but also his utter lack of civility adversely overshadowed his professional position and his fitness to practice law.
  • The attorney should have gone through proper channels to express any disagreement with security procedures.
  • Attorneys simply cannot turn rogue and take matters into their own hands.
  • Court suspended Attorney from practice in the bankruptcy court for 6 months
  • In addition, the attorney was barred from entering the courthouse during that time.

Let’s hope this rogue attorney was tamed during his suspension.   The phrase “going Rogue” is an old phrase that was used to characterize Elephants – It should not be for attorneys.   At least, I hope not.

Bankruptcy knowledge, experience, professionalism, empathy, a good track record of successful cases and demeanor are just a few qualities clients should evaluate.  When hiring a bankruptcy attorney, look at their reviews, too.   Recommendations are great as well.   However, a client’s interview and opinions are unique.    Look for the right match for you when you choose and hire your bankruptcy attorney.  

I do not take a case which is not in the best interests of a client.   For this reason, I spend a considerable amount of time meeting with new clients.   You are never rushed through the process.   

I my success rates  with clients.   In over 30 years, I have a 100% success rate for all filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filings.  I carefully review clients’ financials as well as their goals.   

Choose the Best Bankruptcy Attorney and Right Match for You.  Call me today for a free in-person bankruptcy consultation.   

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