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Debt Relief Help New Jersey

debt relief help new jersey

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Debt Relief Help New Jersey is Readily Available.

However, finding the best debt relief help in New Jersey is crucial.    Hiring and Obtaining the Right Match between Client and Attorney & Any Professional should be a top priority.

I understand that individuals looking for debt relief in New Jersey are overwhelmed.     Finally, when they look for help, it becomes necessary to search the internet.

Debt Consolidation

Debtors read about debt consolidation and it can appear the answer to their financial situation.   After signing up for debt consolidation, many find these agencies offer little if any help.   Debts are still there.   Some debt relief agencies require a monthly fee.   Clients tell me that the fees continue without much success.

New Jersey – Bankruptcy

If you are looking to get debt relief by eliminating your debts, bankruptcy can be the best option.

Debt – Result of a Poor Choice in a Professional

Here is an example of one client that came to me and ending up in debt over a poor decision when hiring a professional

This client came to me to recover the damages and original money spent with a roofing contractor in New Jersey.    The advertising that was on the contractor’s website, if true, would have been a perfect fit.   However, after spending over $30,000 with the contractor and her roof was still leaking, my client discovered that the following statements were false and misleading:

BBB accredited – Actually the company had an “F” rating.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Well that was untrue too – after three years of my client calling them and them promising to fix the leaks, they told her to sue them and they would not be back.

Debt Relief Advertising

Advertising has become so competitive that many who spend much more than others just bulldoze over their competition.   In other words, you need to due your due diligence when hiring anyone.   Especially, when you are seeking debt relief.

Yes, advertising is important but also checking on references for a lawyer, contractor, doctor, etc.   Legal professionals have to answer to an ethics board and could lose their professional licenses if they misrepresent something to a client or someone else.

In the case of Contractors in New Jersey, the only recourse that a person has is to file a complaint and sue for triple damages under the Consumer Fraud Act.

Bankruptcy Attorney – Choosing the Best

It is always better to wait and be confident when you hire someone.   Do your due diligence.   Advertising, websites, videos, billboards are great but as with everything words don’t mean much if the integrity exists with the person who you actually hire and retain.

As with all contracts:

  • ask questions,
  • make sure your gut tells you this is the right person before you retain anyone
  • look at client reviews

It works both ways, if an attorney does not feel it is a good fit with a client, he/she should not represent the client.   It is better to know earlier than later and avoid less than 100% satisfaction.

Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Law Office has a 100% success rate with all filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.    Experience = Success.

I offer a free consultation for debt relief in New Jersey.    Check out my client reviews.  Set up a meeting to enable yourself to feel confident about not only your decision to file bankruptcy but also choosing the best bankruptcy attorney.

I look forward to meeting with you.   You must meet personally – that is my philosophy.    I never suggest you hire someone without meeting the professional in person.

Call today:   Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. (201) 446-5904