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Do You Need An Attorney to File Bankruptcy?

Do You Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in NJ

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Do You Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in New Jersey?   Many ask that question.    I never recommend that someone represent themselves in Bankruptcy Court.

Yes, you need an attorney to file Bankruptcy in New Jersey:   This recommendation is based upon my experience from clients who decide to represent themselves.

Examples of What Went Wrong When Debtors Thought They Did Not Need an Bankruptcy Attorney:

  1. Case is dismissed.
  2. Trustee objects to or revokes the debtor’s discharge
  3. Motions filed by the Bankruptcy Trustee to dismiss the case
  4. Incomplete petitions and schedules
  5. File numerous times and are barred from refiling for a period of time
  6. Fail to list all their assets
  7. Fail to include all debts
  8. Do not disclose an inheritance
  9. Potential personal injury claims/accident cases were excluded from their Petition and Schedules
  10. Pay debts right before filing bankruptcy to friends/relatives
  11. Transfer assets out of their name right before filing
  12. Incorrect bankruptcy chapter  filed
  13. Forget to respond to document requests from creditors/bankruptcy trustees
  14. Deadlines missed
  15. Proof of income is incorrect or incomplete
  16. Forget to include household income (all household income)
  17. Miscalculation of income for the means test
  18. Business ownership interests not disclosed
  19. Failure to take required courses within required timeframes
  20. Charged with bankruptcy fraud
  21. Lost assets
  22. Lost their cars, homes, vacation homes, boats, etc.
  23. Assets lost that could have been kept

There are just too many situations I have encountered to list them all.

Most times, it is far less expensive to retain my services right from the beginning.   If I have to recreate/fix/respond to various motions, the costs go up.

As an example, one of my clients is an attorney.   This client thought he did not need  another attorney to file his bankruptcy.   This debtor’s case produced no benefit to him.    This attorney specializes in matrimonial law.  Although great in his field of law, he was not knowledgeable in bankruptcy law.   Bankruptcy is a specialized field of law.    You cannot be a jack of all trades in the legal profession.   Specialization and expertise in bankruptcy are essential.

Doctors do not operate on themselves.    Hair cutters do not cut their own hair.

Do you need an attorney to file bankruptcy?

Yes, you do.   However, it is most important to hire the right attorney.

Call me if you are having financial difficulties.   I will meet with you personally and advise you what type of bankruptcy is right for you.   Also, I will advise you if you are not a candidate for bankruptcy.

I offer a free bankruptcy consultation.    Bankruptcy is not something you should go alone.    Yes, You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney to File Bankruptcy.   I provide bankruptcy legal services to Bergen, Passaic, Essex and most northern NJ Counties.

Call me Today.   Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.   (201) 446-5904.