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Bankruptcy Lawyer Advice for the New Year

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Bankruptcy Lawyer Advice for the New Year

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Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

As a NJ Bankruptcy Attorney, my advice to you for the every new year is create your financial future.   Evaluate all options.  Bankruptcy help is available to you depending on your future goals.

I reviewed the bankruptcy filings presented in the American Bankruptcy Institute’s website, https://www.abi.org/newsroom/bankruptcy-statistics.   NJ Bankruptcy November Filings are down 20% versus last month.   Year to Date NJ Bankruptcy Filings versus the same time last year are down 40%.   Debtors in New Jersey are in a holding position and not looking at their financial situation during these unique and uncertain times.   All debtors should consider the benefits of filing bankruptcy to improve their financial future.

I continue to urge debtors to look at their financials now.   Now is the best time for you to file and qualify for NJ Bankruptcy.

  • NJ Bankruptcy filings are down.
  • Debtors’ incomes are consistently lower.
  • COVID-19 and poor economic conditions are mounting during these difficult financial times.
  • You may qualify when your income is low.
  • However, in the future months, you may not qualify for a NJ bankruptcy diminishing your financial successes in shedding debt.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It:  stated by Abraham Lincoln.

You can predict your future in looking at options to become debt free in the New Year 2022.   Filing a NJ Bankruptcy may not only predict your future but also create your future financial growth.

I am a Board Certified New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney and I am  here to review your year-end financial situation with you.   Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.     I  will determine if filing New Jersey bankruptcy is right for you.   Do not put your head in the sand now.   Reach out to me for help and guidance during these trying times.  I assure you that you can create your financial future but you need to take steps to make that happen.

Now is a good time to plan for the new year to become Debt Free and examine all your options.    We will bounce back.  Be prepared as our economy improves and COVID-19 is eliminated from our Country.   I offer Bankruptcy Help with a Free Consult:   Contact Me