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Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

When you need a bankruptcy lawyer, you need to choose the right legal advice to get the best guidance for your financial needs.

As a bankruptcy lawyer for over 30 years, I warn consumers to beware of cut-rate bankruptcy advice.

Tough financial times force many individuals to elect to file for bankruptcy more than ever before.  This need has also caused the emergence of many so called “debt relief agencies/bankruptcy advice companies”.  These companies prey upon the financial and personal vulnerability of financially distressed consumers.  Often they make promises that cannot be kept.   Consumers are advised of delay tactics which postpone the inevitable with no permanent solution.

However, these agencies usually require fairly large fees paid in advance and do not deliver.  In fact, consumers end up spending quite a bit of money and their debt situation is worse.

On another side, there are bankruptcy lawyers who charge what appears to be a very low fee compared to the customary rate.  Clients complain they have found that these bankruptcy lawyers are not the best.   They have no intention of spending a lot of time.   Calls are not returned, the case is handled by an associate or paralegal .   Many times, a different attorney appears with you in court.  Choosing the best bankruptcy lawyer is an important decision.

Remember the old clichés: 


 “You get what you pay for”  or  “ the bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the  initial sweetness of a cheap price .  


Clients make an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer when they have tried all ways to meet their debts.   These clients feel completely discouraged.  Their lives are spiraling out of control.   Clients need and deserve personalized attention to get a fresh start and move forward.

Clients call me to set up a free bankruptcy consultation.  At that time, they express what they know about bankruptcy.   My immediate response is:  Who told you this?   Usually the information is incorrect.

Bankruptcy Lawyer – Choosing the Best

As you look to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, be sure you choose the best legal representation.    Most of all, when choosing a bankruptcy lawyer, be sure you determine whether this lawyer truly cares about their clients.  I listening carefully to each client and their unique situation which led to their financial situations.

I am here to offer you a free bankruptcy consultation when you are choosing the best bankruptcy lawyer.   Call me today and I will meet with you personally.