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Debtor Loses Home – Debtor’s Attorney Drops the Ball

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Debtor Should have hired a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney


  • Debtor filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy pro se.
  • After first case was dismissed, Debtor hired an attorney unfamiliar with bankruptcy law.
  • Sheriff’s sale was scheduled..
  • Attorney filed 2nd Chapter 13 case for Debtor.
  • 2nd Bankruptcy filed within 12 months of dismissal of the prior case.
  • Attorney dropped the ball and did not file an application to the Court within 30 days of the filing of 2nd Bankruptcy.
  • No application was filed, the automatic stay expired 3 days after filing of 2nd Bankruptcy case.


  • Filing of the 2nd bankruptcy by their attorney had no value to Debtor.
  • Sheriff’s sale proceeds.
  • Debtor loses their home.

Law has many facets and specialties, look for a Board-Certified Bankruptcy Attorney for  bankruptcy matters.   The range of issues in law are far reaching.  I specialize in one field: Bankruptcy.  I provide my clients with solid legal knowledge and experience.