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Do Latte’s Contribute to Bankruptcies?

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Now that the new year is here, everyone looks to cut expenses.    I have found that most people do not truly understand where they spent their disposable income.

For example, if a debtor buys 2 latte’s a day with an average latte costing around $4.00, the amount spent becomes substantial.     $8.00 x 30 days in a month becomes $240.00 a month almost $3,000.00 per year.

Debtors know the amount of their mortgage, utilities, car payment and other larger bills.  However, the remainder of their money is lost in the shuffle.

The cost of the latte could have been spent on utility bills.    Individuals think of the cost of utilities as a great expense and forget about that latte they buy.

I see lines of cars waiting in line for that “latte” – something you may want to eliminate or reduce this year is your latte expense.

Little expenses amount to big ticket expenses when spent on a regular basis and could contribute to a situation that adds up to bankruptcy.