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Dog Can Bite the Nose of Snowman but Debtor Cannot Bite Neighbor’s Nose

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December 2, 2015Dog biting snowman

A neighbor got into a fight with his neighbor in the hallway of their apartment building.   The man pinned the neighbor against the wall and bit into his nose.

In a Court proceeding, the man who was bitten won a $110,695 default judgment.

Shortly thereafter, the “nose biter” filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and wanted to discharge this debt.

The Bankruptcy Court thought it was a ridiculous defense that the Debtor acted in self-defense.   The  Court concluded that his “biting” actions were willful.  It is undisputable that when someone pins a victim up against a wall and uses his teeth to forcefully bit down on the victim’s flesh, it is willful.

In addition, the Debtor had pleaded guilty to the crime.

A dog may be able to bite a carrot on a snowman but a Debtor cannot bite his creditor’s nose and get away with it…..