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Drone Saves Drowning Swimmer – Bankruptcy Can be a Life Line Too…

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Recently I heard on the news that a person swimming at an ocean resort beach had difficulty swimming and began to go under the water.

  • Normally the lifeguards jump off their benches with a life raft and swim out to the person in distress.
  • Now the lifeguards use a drone to send out to the person which drops an inflatable tube/life preserver.   This life preserver inflates when it hits the water.
  • One lifeguard navigates the drone to the area where the person is in distress.  The lifeguards still can swim out to the person but in the meantime the person(s) in distress have an immediate life line to get a start back to the beach without going under.

Sometimes we all need a life line with our financial affairs.   Financially –  maybe you are just treading water or beginning to sink.   Bankruptcy will prevent you from drowning while preserving your home.

I can meet with you, evaluate your situation and recommend if bankruptcy is right for you.