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Foreclosure Help – Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Foreclosure Help is available by contacting me to determine if  Chapter 13  Bankruptcy is right for your situation.

Just to provide some historical background:   In 2019 – New Jersey held the lead with the highest number of foreclosures in the United States. 1 in every 980.   NJ is still suffering with the amount of foreclosures that will occur soon.

Good news the number of foreclosures is 24% lower than the same time in 2018.


  • Although it is not recommended, you can even file 5 minutes before the Sheriff’s sale.
  • Do not wait to look at options to keep your home and not be subject to foreclosure by the bank or tax foreclosure   Tax Foreclosure.
  • It is best to come in for a free consult and plan in advance.   Your home affects you and your family’s stability.

Call me today.    Contact Us | NJ Bankruptcy Law Firm   I provide foreclosure help.    Instant help to avoid your losing your home.  

Procrastination will not stop your lender from continuing to move forward to foreclosure on your home.     I realize that many debtors try up until the day before the sale to obtain funds.    I can provide you with a solution – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.      

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 BK

This type of bankruptcy enables you to spread out the arrearages so you can meet your monthly payments and catch up.