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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Foreclosure Help is available by contacting me to determine if  Chapter 13  Bankruptcy is right for your situation.

Just to provide some historical background:   In 2019 – New Jersey held the lead with the highest number of foreclosures in the United States. 1 in every 980.   NJ is still suffering with the amount of foreclosures that will occur soon.

Good news the number of foreclosures is 24% lower than the same time in 2018.


  • Although it is not recommended, you can even file 5 minutes before the Sheriff’s sale.
  • Do not wait to look at options to keep your home and not be subject to foreclosure by the bank or tax foreclosure   Tax Foreclosure.
  • It is best to come in for a free consult and plan in advance.   Your home affects you and your family’s stability.

Call me today.    Contact Us | NJ Bankruptcy Law Firm   I provide foreclosure help.    Instant help to avoid your losing your home.  

Procrastination will not stop your lender from continuing to move forward to foreclosure on your home.     I realize that many debtors try up until the day before the sale to obtain funds.    I can provide you with a solution – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.      

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 BK

This type of bankruptcy enables you to spread out the arrearages so you can meet your monthly payments and catch up.