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Decrease Moving Expenses

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Decrease Moving Expenses

Decrease Moving Expenses

Written and Verified by Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.

Moving expenses are significant.   

Here is an example of a Bankruptcy debtor’s decision on moving expenses:

Decrease Moving Expenses:

  • Recently my relatives were moving out of state
  • They could not afford to live in NJ.
  • They filed for bankruptcy and were on their way to a fresh start and getting back on track   
  • Most of their personal belongings were packed and moved in a van on their trips to their new location.
  • They decided to pay a moving company to take some of the larger items.
  • I asked what they considered to be larger items? 
  • Response:   a flat screen TV approximately 42”, pot/pans, vacuum cleaner, area rugs, small desk, larger pictures, large Christmas tree and decorations, outdoor picnic table.   All items were over 10 years old.
  • The cost to move these items was approximately $3,100.

Do you need to move items or leave them behind?

  • After filing bankruptcy, review your moving expenses ahead of time.   
  • Think about leaving these items behind and purchasing new.  
  • You probably could buy brand new of all these items and spend less.
  • Go on-line and sell your items through social media, Facebook local sales are great and free. 

Bankruptcy is a great way to get a fresh start.   However, you need to do a thorough examination of all your future financial decisions.

I care about my clients’ future financial successes; call me for a free consult. 

                                 Bankruptcy can be an option for you.