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Good News – 2x Winner of Lottery – Timing is Everything!!!

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  • My client had to file for bankruptcy due to high credit card debt and personally guaranteed loans.
  • His wife did not file for bankruptcy.
  • Shortly after receiving his discharge, his wife won the lottery.
  • 4 years after receiving a discharge in bankruptcy, my client won the lottery.
  • My client called me and wanted to know whether his bankruptcy had any ramifications for his keeping the winnings.


  • Both lottery winnings were theirs to keep
  • The non-filing spouse was not affected in any way by her husband’s bankruptcy.
  • If my client had purchased the ticket before filing his bankruptcy, he would need to pay his creditors from these winnings.
  • If my client had purchased the ticket after filing his bankruptcy, he could keep his winnings.
  • Since my client, purchased the winning ticket after filing for bankruptcy, all the winnings are his to enjoy.

It gives me so much pleasure to hear from my clients after their bankruptcies are complete and in their past.    Here is just another great story.      Timing is everything in life.