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Donald Trump Uses Bankruptcy to Become More Successful

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Deciding to file bankruptcy can be a very emotionally distraught experience for anyone. Yet this is the time when it is possible through proper restructuring to turn your life or your business around. It is actually quite common for someone contemplating bankruptcy to inquire about how someone like Trump was able to use bankruptcy to become even more successful. This is stunning for most people who have a very limited understanding of how bankruptcies work. Large-scale bankruptcies like his stagger the imagination. Not only was the amount of his bankruptcy huge but even more significantly he used it to come out ahead.

Although Trump managed to turn things around for himself, it has to be understood that declaring Chapter 11 does give the filer much more power and versatility than simply appealing to the good graces of creditors. Trump has actually developed, grown and altered his business by obtaining significant loans and buying time by using the bankruptcy court. This obviously is something that his creditors would not have allowed him.

Contrary to popular opinion, Donald Trump himself has actually never ever declared personal bankruptcy. It is his company that asked for bankruptcy. This is essential to comprehend because when businesses submit Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it allows them to create a new business plan and rearrange financing to turn things around and make a profit. This is why most businesses that file for bankruptcy create elaborate business restructuring plans when they are on the verge of failure, and this is why they frequently come out of bankruptcy in a much better position than ever before.

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an individual can rearrange their life, choose exactly what they want to keep and what they wish to eliminate, and they can also pay off a big chunk of their loans. They can do all this by producing and following a three to five year plan. Any financial obligations that still exist after this period of time will be forgiven by the courts.

Many individuals are skeptical of Chapter 13 because it takes a long time and needs the filer to begin paying some financial obligations that do not need to be paid in Chapter 7. However, those who have a whole lot of secured debt or a lot of possessions may be wise to consider Chapter 13 as a choice. Like Trump’s Chapter 11 reorganization, specific Chapter 13 plans provide those who utilize them a possibility to establish a much better economic plan, and this also typically offers more versatility to the debtor. This is something that would not otherwise have been possible.