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Lawmaker Breaks the Law, Fraudulently

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At times people in office are doing the opposite that we would like them to do, but Gabriela Rose surely affirms our suspicions.  Mrs. Rose, who was elected in a Manhattan district to the New York state legislature in 2012, has pleaded guilty to immigration and bankruptcy fraud.

In November, 2012, Gabriela Rosa became the first Dominican-born woman in the history of the New York State Assembly. She represented Upper Manhattan.

Inside a Federal Court, she admitted that she got married for citizenship. She also admitted that she hid assets during her personal bankruptcy filing.   On Friday, June 27th, Gabriela Rosa resigned from her Assembly seat as part of her plea agreement with United States Attorney Preet Bharara.

Gabriela Rose was married in the 1990s, after paying someone $8,000 to assure that her marriage would take place, which was the truth behind the lie she told to immigration authorities about her relationship with this John Doe. She earned her citizenship in 2005.

Gabriela Rose filed for personal bankruptcy in 2009.

What led her to being convicted of bankruptcy fraud?

  • Well, she did not disclose a second apartment that she had owned.
  • She also failed to mention that she received external income as a political consultant and her second husband.

She is sentenced to 10 years in prison, with the sentence beginning around October.

Moral of the story:   never lie on anything in your Bankruptcy Petition.    Bankruptcy Fraud is a federal offense.