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Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq. Bankruptcy Law Firm

We are conveniently located in Little Falls, NJ.   We are less than a 30 minute drive from Morris County.   

Being a history buff, I appreciate that Morris County has significant historical significance to our country.   

During the Revolutionary War, Morris County was known as The Military Capital of the American Revolution , because of its strategic location prompted Gen. George Washington and his Continental Army to make their winter encampments near Morristown on two different winters.

I am here to provide a free, zero-obligation bankruptcy consultation at Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq—Law Firm in Little Falls.

Your historical financial situation does not have to be your future.

When you want help with your financial debts, I can provide a Free In-Person Bankruptcy Consultation.

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Ralph A. Ferro, Jr. successfully relieved thousands of debtors of their debts.   

We have a 100% success rate with all filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcies. 

You May Be Struggling to Meet:

  • Monthly expenses.    Little, if any, discretionary money is left in your budget.
  • Mortgage payments.   Falling behind with payments and unable to make monthly payments.  Is a foreclosure keeping you up at night?    You want to stay in your home and catch up on your mortgage payments.  I can STOP FORECLOSURE.
  • Medical Bills.  Out-of-pocket medical costs are preventing you from meeting your essential monthly expenses.
  • Credit Card Payments.   Making the monthly minimum payments, but the balances and interest rates are skyrocketing.
  • Business Expenses.   Want to keep your business operating while you get your business expenses to be manageable?
  • Car Payments.   Your leased car is worth less than the balance of payments, or you have vehicle repossessions I can help you get your repossessed vehicle back.
  • Ongoing Expenses – Have your creditors filed wage garnishments? – I can stop that garnishments immediately.
  • Property Tax Payments – You have not been able to pay your property taxes.    I can help you with the past due payments.  Has there been a tax sale?   I can help you.

I am here to meet with you and see how I can best serve you in Morris County.   I will provide options for your financial situation, enabling you to get out of debt.   

Contact me:  Ralph A. Ferro, Jr., Esq.     You always reach me directly on my cell phone provided below:

Morris County  NJ Bankruptcy Attorney (201) 446-5904.  

Morris County NJ Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law Firm

Morris County NJ Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law Firm

  • During the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process, only non-exempt assets will be turned over to your creditors. 
  • There are many exemptions available under the Bankruptcy Code which enable you to keep numerous common assets, e.g., bank accounts, cars and your home, furnishings, jewelry, personal items, etc.
  • Although your exemptions are analyzed on a case-by-case basis, most times after utilizing your exemptions, you don’t have to pay back anything to your creditors.
  • There is no need to carry the burden of debts that you just will never be able to pay back.    The interest rates and monthly fees continue to multiply making it impossible to meet your monthly obligations.

You are then debt free.     Timeline:  Normally 90 days.


  • During the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process a reorganization of your debts, individuals keep all of their assets, even if they exceed the exemptions.
  • The main difference between a chapter 13 and a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you pay what you can afford back.
  • Although it can vary case by case, debtors can pay creditors as little as 5 cents on $1.
  • You do not want to lose assets that you have equity and worked hard to acquire.
  • Don’t let the bank and/or your creditors dictate what you must pay back.   

You are Debt Free – Timeline:   Normally 3-5  years.  At times, there are 36 month Plans

Looking for a nearby

Morris County NJ Bankruptcy Attorney?

  • Ralph A Ferro, Jr., Esq. Law Firm specializes 100% of its practice in bankruptcy law.   
  • Mr. Ferro is  Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy Law by the American Board Certification.   
  • Mr. Ferro has 30+ years of proven bankruptcy law experience and is an expert in consumer bankruptcy law. 
  • Our firm keeps current with the most recent advancements, changes in bankruptcy law, and intricacies in this area of expertise. 
  • You are provided with cutting-edge counsel and representation.

This targeted bankruptcy practice approach will greatly improve how your case turns out.

We have a 100% success rate with all Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases.    If bankruptcy is not in your best interests, we will let you know.

See why a smaller law firm may be your best choice.  Please check our client reviews.

I provide meaningful results for my clients' future

  • Morris County has made a significant contribution to the democracy of the United States.
  • Let me provide a significant contribution to your future financial freedom.

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