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New Jersey is #1 for the Highest Percentages of Foreclosures in Country

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December 18, 2014

  • New Jersey foreclosure rate is 5.5%
  • NY and Florida tie for 2nd at 4.1%
  • NJ also had the highest delinquency rate of 9.1%

Yet the overall country’s foreclosure rate is down 30%


  1. Process was slow.
  2. Release of backlog due to years of freezing of foreclosures by lenders.
  3. Foreclosures are now moving swiftly – no longer will there be 3-5 year foreclosure period.
  4. Hurricane Sandy.
  5. Change in NJ rules for foreclosure Mediation in 2014; prior to 2014 homeowners could be accompanied by a state appointed attorney and a HUD housing counselor free of charge.

Homeowner must now register within 60 days of being served a summons and complaint and either represent themselves or hire an attorney.

  1. Closing of Casinos – Atlantic City has the 2nd highest foreclosure rate of metro areas in the country – one in every 389 housing units.

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