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NJ Bill #A4999 – Helps Eliminate “Zombies”

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Did you ever notice a home in your neighborhood that looks like no one lives there?     The grass is not mowed, it looks like a haunted house and zombies could come out at night from this  home.  

These houses give a negative impression for you and your neighbors.   These houses are common in many neighborhoods due to all the foreclosures.   New Jersey holds the #1 position for foreclosures in the United States and these zombie houses are prevalent in NJ.

There is hope.  Many times, township officials do not know who to contact to get these houses cleaned up, the grass mowed, etc.    After the bank forecloses, it seems these houses get neglected even further.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed a package of bills.  One of these bills includes one to help eliminate “zombie” properties.

Bill A4999 requires creditors involved in the foreclosure of homes to be responsible to obtain the contact information for someone to maintain the property.    The creditor would have to include the contact name and phone number in all court proceedings and with the county clerk/register of deeds and mortgages.

These zombie properties drive down property values and that is a negative to all homeowners in New Jersey.

Before your home is foreclosed by the bank, you should look at your options.   I would be glad to meet with you for a free consult so your property never has the name:   zombie.