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Contract Disputes

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Contract Disputes

ContractDisputesContract disputes can occur literally anywhere and about anything. A contract dispute means that a disagreement has developed over the content or interpretation of a contract.

  • Employment Contracts: Such disputes can occur in employment contracts, especially with regard to non-competition clauses, or provisions related to what happens to sign on bonuses if the employment ends before a certain term.
  • Leases of Residential and Commercial Property:
  • Real Estate: purchase or sale.
  • Business: Dissolution of businesses among joint owners.
  • Contractor’s Agreement: A majority of these contracts result in disputes. Mr. Ferro can represent either defendants or plaintiffs in these matters. Mr. Ferro has handled Residential Claims as well as major Commercial Real Estate building contract disputes and resolutions.

Disputes can also occur with regard to leases of residential and commercial property and concern monetary obligations. They can include disputes arising out of a contract to buy or sell property. They can occur between joint owners of a business over how to dissolve said business.

Contractor agreements are common; Mr. Ferro is able to represent either defendants or plaintiffs in this matter.

In summary,a contract dispute can happen any time two or more individuals conduct a transaction together and have differing opinions as to the expectations and terms of the contract/agreements.

How Ralph A. Ferro, Jr. help you?

Mr. Ferro’s first step in dealing with a contract dispute issue is to meet with you and review the contract to determine if the contract supports your position, or the position of your adversary. Based on the answers to these questions, Mr. Ferro can advise you the best way to proceed.

Whenever possible, Mr. Ferro works to try to resolve the issue without filing a law suit.   Mr. Ferro has extensive training and experience in mediation which is important in handling and resolving disputes.

Only if it is determined that the matter cannot be resolved through negotiations, Mr. Ferro recommends to clients they must proceed further with litigation to enforce their rights under the applicable contract.

Attorney Ralph A. Ferro, Jr.’s   – Process for contract disputes:

  1. Begins by fully understanding the dispute and your position.
  2. Provides client with his opinion of the dispute and the clients positions, as well as that of the other party.
  3. Discusses his position on the situation and the methods to resolve.
  4. Initiates negotiations if possible or arbitration
  5. Enters lawsuit to enforce your rights if no other method to resolve is possible.
  6. Represents you in all matters related to the dispute and follows to completion.


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